The Left Side Is Looking Better

The last few days I got the left side of the carport starting to come together. You might remember that it started out looking like this.


I know it did not look real messy but things were not organized and I had a lot of wasted space there. The first thing to do was move hubbies stuff back up to the garage. He had a couple of things laying over there. I had emptied the water trough when I finished the other side last week. I now drug it outside and hosed it out good. Then turned it upside down to dry. While it was drying I got my old over the door shoe rack and hung it up on the chicken pen.

IMG_20160823_202333694 You can see it there beside the ladder. I have ropes, halters and chains hanging on it in easy reach now. The two little dressers on that wall used to have stuff stored in them in the house. Just from the donating I have done so far while cleaning the house, I was able to move these outside to use for storing items. The bag is for trash. I still need to move  a trash can from the barn over to there. The bag just shows where it will sit. In the water trough now is my small animal carriers. I dont need them a lot, but now I dont have to look for them if I want them. Now I need to move some more things into the drawers of those little dressers. The white one will have my animal brushes and maybe even some spare tack parts. The black one has some gardening stuff in it that I had in the house. I need to move that stuff over the the gardening stand before I can decide what to put in it. But I know I will figure that out fast enough when I get back to work out there. I also still have a few things sitting in the garage that I need to carry out to the carport. But I have most of it set up the way I want it.  We also still have plenty of room to keep our chairs in there. It makes a nice place to sit and watch the rain.

I have got a lot farther on organizing my area than what hubby has working on the garage. But at least that means he is not complaining about the few items that I still have in there. I hope to finishe this completely this week.

When this is finished it will be time to start on the back yard.


photos are mine


  1. Andria Perry

    Looking good! Its nice to have things organized so you can find them in a minute.

    I have so much to do here before winter but I am not sure I can make it.

    I tweeted this article.

    1. Eva James Post author

      I am not trying to meet too much of a deadline as I have more than one thing going at a time right now. It depends on the weather what I am working on lol

  2. Jo Pin

    Sorting out things and being organized takes a lot of time and patient. Take it easy and relax, you can finish it in time for whatever is coming your way.

  3. Gil Camporazo

    There is a peace of mind upon seeing things in order. It also clears your mind. Thoughts are refreshed. Things in order are easy to retrieve when you need time anytime.

    1. Eva James Post author

      I needed to get things organized. I finally found my dog tie out chain that had been missing for two years

    2. Gil Camporazo

      I know you will. It says that those who seek, they shall find because you have organized those clutters in your carport.

  4. Marsha Cooper

    Could you come to our house next and work on cleaning out our garage?
    At this point I doubt I will ever get out there and do it myself as it takes away from my earning time.

    1. Eva James Post author

      Can you pay for travel time and food? lol I just pick a section to do at a time and dont fuss if I fail to finish it. But by doing things like that I often get more than planned done before I stop.

    1. Eva James Post author

      I think part of the timing may be that we want to be ready for winter as I know a couple of other people doing the same things.

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