The Lost Humanity Found Their Home, How about Us?

Rejoice with me for I found my sheep which was lost. Luke 15:6

The time our first parents fall, so many people were lost. They cannot come back to the place God placed them. I saw another version of Adam and Eve last night and even I saw that it is very different as what I knew from the Bible, I finished the story. The man made the woman using clay near the sea and when the rain came, the woman become alive.

They became one and live in paradise but the woman was bored being doing the same thing and she thinks that there is something to be done that is more exciting on what they were doing. Abruptly, she decided to pick the fruit of the forbidden tree and ate it. She also gave it to the man and eat. After that, they found themselves and make love. I think for the couple its the best and exciting things happen to them(But I was wondering, is sex not allowed to them? Then what is the use of reproductive system they got? Well, that’s what the director thinks about how sin came to the world.)

They were awake by the storms around. The world change and they found themselves in a very strange place and all the suffering began from that place. The punishment was given and they were lost in the desert, and they tried to go back to the sea where they come from. The story goes on and on with different events that shown the effects of the Fall and sometimes the man lost his faith and the woman continue to complain but then the man always wanted to be back to the sea.

After all the suffering and the trials, they came to the vast iceberg and at the point of death they were feeling, the man became weak and lost his faith. He is about to die because of hunger, tiredness and hopeless. He fall on the ice and when the woman saw it, she agreed that they need faith and continue moving to find the sea. For them, the sea is like the kingdom of God where life began. While the man was lying on the ice, he said that their journey was over. He knew that the sea is down there. Later on the day, the season change and the iceberg dissolved and they were right, that place was the sea. They found their home, the sea.

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