The Metamorphosis Of A wrapper!

The Metamorphosis Of A wrapper!

I cry where I am now. I cry because I was once a wrapper. A wrapper a queen wore and felt on top of the world. I was great and always danced in the wind with glee as the queen moved on. But now am dirty, old and trodden upon by beggars.


My story began when a small seed was planted in a garden. It germinated and grew into a fine cotton tree. Little did it realize it will one day become a wrapper. Soon it grew flowers and produced cotton. The farmer took the cotton to a ginnery. I was washed clean and woven into the finest wrapper that ever was.


Soon I was packed and taken to a warehouse. Some wholesaler bought me and after few days in his shop, he sold me into a fine retailers shop. That is where the queen found me and bought me. If I was not on her, I was in a fine wardrobe with other fine clothes.


She finally gave me to one of the servants who mistreated me so much. She never washed me but put me on all the time. I got old and torn. That is when she threw me on the dustbin where I am to the present.     image=pixabay





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