The Missing: Howling Whisper of the Wind

Seize the innocent life gruffly,
of fierce and brutal blunt,
disrupts life collectively.

Perceptual corrodes immensely,
inept to keep the fog of death at bay,
the eerie noise I heard leisurely smell my passing,
I inhale deeply the reek of life without reticence.

Clutching an innocent soul disrupts living,
fear of death immensely caters the nutter’s desire
ever growing boldly and bragging the obra!
Will it cease its impending crave for more?

Slosh feeling keeps on burning inside,
heavy lonesome fatality urges extents,
the boldness of progression screams for more,
letting an awe for gore swirling the belly,
hands are eager to rub a virtuous kiss,
to keep the trophy with bones and maggots.

Your fiery affections are dull,
an empty thought shallow life,
nonchalant, promiscuous senses,
only silent dreadful impels to commit,
arouse the savour of the blameless  soul,
that quench your lust to pursue death,
you are guiltless with dark bones,
that lies under the dust unsaved.

Horrible smile perpetrates gentle words,
affectionate with blunt intent,
childhood lost in the stars,
only dreams remain untouched,
blameless but shadowed with the brutal episode.

It lingers with no remorse when it snapped,
breathing into its nostril a black breeze,
cold walk into the wooded remains,
prayer is unheard but mentally prayed,
tears testify, a testimony in misery,
grief assimilates tortured soul,
dead chronicles can’t be heard
assumed hopeless anticipations corrode.

Only a ghostly memories endure,
with flowers, candles, a memoir deceased,
dried tears emulate the grieving progeny,
their suffering is yours to keep,
a booty prize to brag with pride,
frigid, calculated fierce imbalance,
odd nature cuddles an idiotic atonement,
indemnify with sprinkled irksome scoffing,
laughing at his grandeur grotesque act,
chilling days to count one by one
the morbid campaign against the naive mortal.

Strange epoch destined to ravage your endless savagery,
alone, dark, protruding karma mimic your culminating
breathing of soulless, lifeless you diffused.


  1. Vinaya

    Deep and profound.
    PS: After reading your poem, i felt the necessity of publishing some poems here. I have not written or publish a poem since a long time.

  2. Suny

    I felt like there is nothing forever. Also one can relate this poem reading in a crematory or a preaching house.

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