The New Era Mistress Home Wrecker



Mistress in nowadays is getting more powerful than the original legal wife.This mistress  women do not feel shame on their selfs that they have aggravated innocents child and wreck a home that’s why they are called as a home wrecker.


Obviously, this kind of women are selfish and do not believe in karma.They seek for their own happiness while the legal wife and family become miserable.


This is the most surprising part because I know a legal wife who accepts the fact that her husband is having an affair with another woman for the sake of his family needs because his income is not enough to sustain his families needs then it was ok for his legal wife that her husband has a mistress and the mistress supports all their needs while this mistress husband is working as an OFW another country.


Wow, what can I say to this home wrecker mistress she is fooling her husband that is working very hard in another country while she aggravates the family of her partner.


So she is showing that she is more powerful than a legal wife because she is supporting the needs of her man family so that the legal wife cannot complain.


  1. artislee

    Sounds like a teleserye or from a movie but sadly it is happening. Social media, advertisement, and the media in particular play a role in all of these. Also, what we feed our minds is our choice. Choose self-control, choose wisely.

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