The Number One Thing People Do Wrong When Blogging for Money

Blogging is something a lot of people do and several of them do it just for fun. There are those who start blogging because they want to make money and it’s something you can do, but those people go about it wrong. Why do I say that? Because they research a niche and choose to blog about it because it seems profitable, there’s little competition, and there are tons of keywords they can use. This is a mistake.


It’s a mistake because that niche might not be something they enjoy talking about. It might not even be something they know a lot about. When you try and write about something you don’t care about it comes through in your writing and it’s not enjoyable for you.

If you aren’t writing something you enjoy or you’re passionate about then you’re not going to want to stick with it. The key to a successful blog is consistency and if you aren’t into what you’re writing it’s going to be hard to be consistent.


You might be asking yourself, how do I know what to write about?

On I write about freelance writing, ghostwriting, fiction writing, and blog writing. That’s because it’s what I do and what I love to do. Start with something you’re really good at or something you have a lot of knowledge in.

Maybe you know a lot about a certain sport or you follow a certain genre of novel that you want to talk about. The possibilities are endless. Make a list of things that interest you, and I mean truly interest you. Then think about the ones you have knowledge in. Are you the go-to person for certain things by your friends? If you start with what you know you’ll find a niche you can write every day about and never get tired.


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