The real issue is that in Kenyan politics enmity is for a while but when circumstances demand pairing up…then enmity or rivalry is being put aside…look at Kalonzo and Raila in 2007 and 2013 they paired up again and I see a possibility of such a reunion working out for this two political bigwigs who was once great allies and became bitter enemies…am talking about the deputy president and the former prime minister.


The deputy am sure is alarmed over comments by some of his counterparts in jubilee over the certainty and assurance that central region leaders and voters will automatically back his presidency bid come 2022 to repay the favour that he and the rift valley voters gave to president Uhuru since 2013. The intriguing comments should not be taken lightly because It an expression of what possibly might be the case when that time comes and in order for him to be assured of the presidency in 2022 he must get rid of his enmity with Hon Raila and make the hardest possible decision ever in his political career.


Hon Raila has been trying to reach out to the DP to join him for this battle in 2017 where he would still enjoy his current position as DP while backing Raila for presidency by imploring on his voters-rich kalenjin people and rift valley as a whole to rally behind Raila since he has only one term to seek for then he will support him unanimously in 2022 because Raila is a man who can return the favour to any man who will help him climb the ladder to be the president of Kenya. Raila has numbers across the nation and what he needs is a strong leader who can deliver some good numbers to his side and the only favourable region with that number is rift valley…


Raila should seek Ruto for him to climb to the top because to be honest, with the grappling interns division in CORD and the wrangles in ODM threatens the unity that Raila needs to build a strong case and get the numbers needed to rival the jubilee’s tyranny of number’s if he is to be assured of victory….Raila pair with Ruto and it’s a win-win situation for both to be assured of presidency in 2017 and 2022 respectively .



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