Remember the Power of Words to Hurt or to Heal Before You Open Your Mouth to Speak


Words are very powerful weapons. They can have positive and negative effects. If you are admired, it’s positive on your side – even if it’s negative for others because of the things they are saying behind your back.

Every word that comes from your mouth can ruin anyone’s life. So before you talk, think about it many times and wisely. If you are a smart and educated person you should always apply this to yourself, especially when you are accusing someone of doing something wrong. When you do not have enough evidence, or when the accusation is not true and it is because you are mad at the person, then this does not mean that you can say anything that you want to shout out from your mouth.

Try to be fair to anyone and never hurt anyone’s feeling. The problem with us is that sometimes we forget that we are human beings and not animals. We have everyone’s feelings to think about, and if we hurt someone it can be a reason to make their entire life miserable. 

I believe in God and in Karma. As much as I can I want to avoid aggravating anyone and, never in my wildest dream, to make anyone’s life miserable. That is my principle. I may not have luxury in my life but I have high value of principles. 

I treasure and give value to all the people who are around me. There may be some of them that put money as the center of their life, and that makes them greedy. When you are greedy you do not know how to give importance and respect to others’ feelings because the only important things for you are money and material objects in this world.

I do not mind if I was being hurt and aggravated by others, as long as my conscience and my own heart is clean. What is the most important is that I do not do to them what they have done to me, because I’m not selfish and  not after money. I can live with nothing and with something.

I do not mind living a simple life without much luxury. Too much ambition is not good because the truth and the fact is that we cannot get everything that we want in this world. You might get what you want now, but not all time. All of us have a bottom line.








  1. Gil Camporazo

    Your diction or the choice of words you are using in writing does reflect what kind of a person you are. Words are could make or unmake one’s personality. In talking, it is the same, The words that come out from your mouth determine your personality too.

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