The Principles of LIFE of a Pastor

I remember how Rev. Pastor Leo Claridad shared his liturgical message to our graduating pupils.

I read him “From a Distance” and once we’re well acquainted, I am not only reading his thoughts, but I also hear his “Gentle Whisper” from the vigilant community newspaper in Region VI, Western Visayas before (now Region XVIII, Negros Island Region). I am referring to my fellow columnist, Rev. Pastor Leo G. Claridad. We had been working together in the Negros Daily Bulletin for 25 years. Aside from such column titles he used, he used Gypsy moth in hits social media.

He maintained his column, “From a Distance” and later changed it to “Gentle Whisper” while mine is “Vibrations”. He wrote about his spiritual insights and its application to the people’s lives. He departed us when he was assigned to Panay Island, particular in Lay-ahan Evangelical Church, Pototan, Iloilo as a Parish Minister. I remember that we’ve been away for 5 years.

In the first week of April, the 41st graduation rites of our grade six pupils needed a spiritual speaker for their Baccalaureate Service. I have no the other name in my mind to recommend but Pastor Claridad. I contacted him right away through SMS from my cell phone. He verified the date and confirmed it that he is available.

Rev. Pastor Claridad delivering his LIFE liturgy

Rev. Pastor Claridad delivering his LIFE liturgy

Principles ‘within’ LIFE

Rev. Pastor Claridad explained the liturgical theme found in John 20:19-31 which is anchored in the principle of L.I.F.E. in relation to Jesus’ ministry here on earth. He related this to the “journey” of our graduating pupils as they are pursuing their secondary studies. They don’t know the principle embodied in L.I.F.E. He elaborated the impact of the behavior of Jesus’ apostles when Jesus was already nailed and died on the cross. They’re having a closed door meeting among themselves. They’re in a dilemma on what to do while their Master is already gone.

By such analogy, Pastor Claridad told the kids that they may be facing such situation on their journey to a better and higher education. They’re not alone. They’ve still their parents to guide them along the way. He told them the practical principles within the LIFE.

Like a fatherly advice, he said to them that they should have and maintain a loving (L) relationship with God and fellowmen. He urged them to live a life of Integrity (I) and they should follow (F) their dreams, and always and every day expect) surprises or something new and good from God. He presented life’s practical principle by citing the actual experiences taken from his various lecture and sermons as exemplified by his members and followers.

“Make L. I. F. E. as your guiding principles in all your undertakings and you will be successful,” he concluded his one-hour liturgy.

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  1. Jean B Figues

    Creating acronyms helps us easily understand and remember certain sermons and speeches.. glad to read this blog. May God bless you more and your column.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      It is nice of you to that praise. Glad that you find it interesting. May God bless you too and more power to you. 🙂

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