Prisoners of Fortune: Drug Dealers Make a Killing in Prison



I have thought that people that are involved with drug business and drug addiction are becoming aware already of President Duterte’s massive actions regarding drugs – including the killing of drug dealers to solve the drug problems in the Philippines.

But when I watched the news today, in the Northern Mindanao news I was so surprised to learn about prisoners that are making a fortune inside the prison. A bunch of Shabu (crystal meth) was seized inside the Zamboanga prison, along with a lot of money from drug selling inside the prison.

How can these prisoners still can make money with drug selling inside the prison? And another question is how long have they been doing this? Isn’t it crazy that they can still make a fortune from inside the prison? Who is the person behind this money making inside the prison, that they can bring drugs inside the prison?

It is really terrible that in spite of drug syndicate killings they are still selling drugs and making drug sales a business inside the prison.

I hope that these people that are still dealing drugs can become aware they should stop doing drug business. Because if they don’t give up on the drug business, this means that they want to get killed early.


  1. Gil Camporazo

    That makes how unique Filipinos are. There are double standards in dealing with the rich prisoners. The Jail Warden and prison workers are secretly receiving money from the drug lords.

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