The Real Motivation of Writing





I guess every one of us has different reasons why do we write and what makes u motivated.Because if we have no motivation then we can not be able to write anything here.

I personally have my own reason why I write aside from I love writing and I like the compensation that I’m going to get here.Honestly, I’m really getting more motivated when I see my coins increasing I wanted to make it higher every day but there is time that I cannot make  it because of I am busy with kids and I have other obligations as well.  

If ever that I have no other obligations for sure I will keep on writing a post here and keep working online because I like what I’m doing. I’ve kept on checking who are already the no 1 on the leaderboard and I know that I can’t reach that level because of I have a lot of things that I need to do plus I have other 4 sites that I’m working.

My kids are not independent to do their task that is why I need to supervise them always that makes me on and off to work online.

I hope I have a lot of time to keep on working here if possible I want to work 8 to 10 hours online.


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