The Road to Blogging: A fresh start

A friend of mine from another site invited me to join BlogBourne.  (I wonder if I should talk about other sites.)  Anyway, this is something I want to try again – blogging.

Upon registering here in BlogBourne, I am surprised that I already have a profile picture.  Wracking my brains out in remembering if I had already signed up to this site is fruitless.  If I had signed up already, then it must be under a different user name with the same email.  If that is true, then I assume we can sign up here multiple times using the same email but with different user names? Can someone bring their light bulbs closer to my foggy brain? (I must have missed reading that in the HELP section).

The name BlogBourne has a nice ring to it.  I like how it appeals to me.  Maybe because I like the film Jason Bourne.  The name rings like something I want.

The letter “B” is ominous though.  (Forgive me.  I’m just overthinking things maybe).  A site I joined before has three Bs in it and it flopped.  Another has one B in it and it flopped.  There is this other site with one B in it but it’s not doing as good as it was then.

I hope though that I can continue on this site for a longer time.


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I also thought of the “Bourne” movies when I saw the name of the site. Maybe that will help the site! 😀

    If your profile pic was added automatically, it’s probably because you have a Gravatar account. Nothing to worry about!

    1. artislee Post author

      now that makes sense. i do have a gravatar account but forgot all about it

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