The Secret of Writing: HIDE ‘n SHOW

People don’t feel like writing for they don’t want to or there are factors that prevent them from doing so. People couldn’t start writing without an inspiration on what topic to write about. People are afraid to write for they would rather express themselves talking. People have to struggle much to express what they have in mind for they don’t the ability to do it.

Those are the barriers that hold back anyone to write. People never mind all those things for they have to write whatever matter. People just write for they want to write. Well, let’s take a second look at the above underlying factors that influence people unable to write:

1. Hindrance
2. Inspiration
3. Determination
4. Experience

Well, we should “show” those HIDE factors. How? Just follow this simple and practical way of writing. Write by using your senses. What you see, what you hear, what you feel whether you like them or not. The only question to overcome is on how to start. Well, if you want to write, write now.

Use the principle of SHOW which stands for Start, Hold, Order, and Write. Hold is referred to the medium that you’re going to use. Order is referred to the importance of the subject or topic that you’re going to emphasize.

Now, you’re more than ready. Good luck.


  1. Gil Camporazo Post author

    Everyone has his own technique in writing. The principles I have mentioned here are based on my actual writing experiences. I just simplify them for others to follow if they will.

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