The Soap That Is Helping Me To Get The Clear And Soft Skin?

I am a person who always has breakouts, I am on the look for soaps that will save my skin. I have dry and oily skin combine and you don’t imagine when it will happen but it happens. For having that kind of skin types, it is difficult for me to use soaps that have strong scents because it will surely damage my skin. Right now, I have found a soap that is helping me to solve some skin issue. Do you want to find out the soap that is helping me to get the clear and soft skin?

Here it is!


Yes, it is Perla.

You might be shocked to know that here in the Philippines, Perla is used as a detergent soap. It is a soap for cleaning clothes. However, not for my mother. My mother is the one who told me to use Perla to solve my breakouts. I was having doubts at first because it is detergent soap. I know it will only make my skin issue severe for it could be harsh to my skin. After a while, I decided to try it because whenever I am feeling the skin of my mother, I find it very soft and clear.

I waited a month before believing on this soap. After a month, I noticed my face became clear and whenever I touch it, it is silky smooth and soft. Not only my face skin but my whole body. Actually, after a day of using it, I noticed how it changes the feel on my skin. It really works wonders on me. My mother made it clear that many Filipinas are using this soap as a body soap. It is not harsh on the body but very mild. Breakouts are not happening so far, but I am still getting a pimple though it will get dry after a day, not a week, not after a month compared to my experiences before.

One thing that I really love with this soap is that I enjoy bathing whenever I use this. I feel refreshed. Even if I perspire within the day, I don’t have the feeling of discomfort like I used to have before. The feeling is not sticky at all and it even avoids me from having a bad odor. This is simply refreshing and the immediate effect is the best.

I highly recommend this to soap to women who have sensitive skin. This scent is mild, the effect is fast and it clears your skin. My sister even noticed I am getting whiter. One of the best soaps for my body chemistry.

Image credit to @grecy


  1. Ceci

    Thanks for sharing, unfortunately that don’t think can get it in Malaysia. I use my own made soap for instead. Show you all later.

  2. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @nana I am not sure if it is available in the US sis.
    @andriaperry I am not on the white sis, but on the clear and soft skin. However, it really makes my face to appear white.
    @ceci please let us know about your soap. thank you
    @Vinaya yes I am using a mild laundry soap to my face and getting a good results
    @iamshane487 nope sis, I have been using a lot of soap for my face before but lately this one really fits my body chemistry.
    @junebride it cost Php12 and take note it is easy to melt so it will be finished within 15 days. I assumed you need two soaps

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