The State of the Nation Address of President Duterte 2016




Yesterday July 25, 2016, is the first SONA of President Duterte.I make sure that I will not miss watching the first SONA of the President.I have watched the full SONA from the start till ends and all I can say is that I’m satisfied with the President SONA.


Here are what the President speech oh his SONA all about:



-That we cannot move forward if the past will pull us back.

-Insists the campaign against crime, drugs,and corruption and the government as well as PNPshould double or triple their effort.

-He said that he put his life his honor and the presidency itself to reach his goals for the country.

-Do not do drugs if you don’t want to get killed

-Enlarge the teatment and use the military camp for drug rehabilitation

-Rule of law shall be at  all times prevail worth uplift

-Human rights must do the human dignity and cannot be used as shield to destroy the country

-West Philippines sea pursues the peaceful dispute resolution

-Lower the personal and business income tax

-Responsible parenthood Act

-Assure a clean government

-3 days only to process government document

-Drivers license will last up to 5 years

-Train tickets will be bought at malls

-Invistigate media killings

-Passport will last up to 10 yrs

-Public wifi at public areas

-War against human trafficking 

-No demolition without relocation


Photo source by pixabay 



  1. Profile photo of Shavkat

    I didn’t have the chance to watch it since I am not interested to know what he will say. I am sorry to say this. I am just waiting for the result during his term. Hopefully, he will change his way of talking in public. Good luck to our new president!

    1. Profile photo of Kyuminette
      Kyuminette Post author

      Well, I guess we have our own decisions and impressions about his presidency and it is our right.

    1. Profile photo of Kyuminette
      Kyuminette Post author

      Yes, I do really like to listen to the speech of the leaders from different parts of the world.

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