The Walking Dead Season 7 Premieres on October 23

There are probably a few fans of this show on my friend list right now, more or less. And as I did on another writing site or two I hope to do some spoilers here and there once the show gets started again. I will have my usual warning on the top of the post so no one gets spoiled as to what happens so never fear.

I was recently reading somewhat of a spoiler myself but not really. It was mainly the Season 7 trailer I saw and within that trailer it had the actor that will play someone from another new part of the story and his wild animal of sorts. I’m not sure if many already know where this will fit in, maybe some won’t know til it starts but being I love animals I had to mention it.

The animal’s name is Shiva and she won’t be real however. She will be animated but pretty much real looking at least. I guess they couldn’t risk a real life animal in the show which I don’t blame them for, that can be dangerous on a set sometimes in the heat they have to work in sometimes.

Either way I’m excited for another season to finally begin, even if we still have three more long months to wait til we get to see the new episode. I was hoping they would show it sooner. There will only be so many episodes before they are on hiatus again til February. Usually they end in November in their mid season break.


  1. Sandy KS

    I am a Walking Dead fan. I can’t wait til it comes back on. I will make due with The Fear of the Walking Dead for now.

    I heard it was going to be Glenn or Abe next. I have no clue. As long as it is not Daryl, Carol, or Rick. I am good.

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