The Weird Whirlwind of The Internet

Traveling through the Internet can be a strange and exciting experience. You never know what you will see day after day. You go on your social media of choice and find yourself in a whirlwind of thoughts. Sometimes you will find yourself amongst a lighthearted chatter about something fun within pop culture. At other points, especially in this election cycle, you will find a social media consumed by negativity and rage. Now a lot of people like to balance this all out on the day to day in Internet land. A goofy joke, a silly animated .gif, whatever the case may be, some people have to do something to lighten the mood on any given day. In this age of the Internet, people find a lot of calm in chilling with a happy go lucky denizen of the world, rather than the anger factories brewing in many sectors. Of course on some days, the lighthearted soul becomes the warrior driven by rage which is then where the whirlwind of the Internet comes into play.

A Whirlwind of Thoughts Indeed.

See everyone has events that happen in the news, in their lives and more, all of these bring a whirlwind effect in the land of the Internet. The world is a crazy place nowadays and everyone has their way of handling that fact. It’s a weird thing to process a lot of the time. Many times it is best to observe the proceedings and figure out how to proceed in any given festival of chatter. A lot of people are quick to the draw and suddenly you have a fifty car pileup of rage and anger that takes ages to clean up. It’s an odd adventure, to say the least. Sometimes you have to let yourself breathe before you dive into this crazy Internet. Social Media and more drive people in many directions and no one can see where the destination is. There may be no destination at all, just a blathering of random thoughts and other points it could be more profound, you never know what will happen in a day.

Consider this article more of a thought process, a feeling out period so to speak. It’s interesting as you let your mind flow and sometimes within the realm of the Internet your brain can creative marvelous things. Talk about a whirlwind huh? I thank you for reading this and it may seem odd but it’s the Internet, this probably isn’t the strangest thing you’re going to read today eh? 


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    The Internet offices many things that are positive and so many that are negative. It is amazing how we can connect with friends around the world, earn a degree, start a business or just be entertained.

  2. N Sri Naga Jyothi

    there are many things we can do with internet if we use it for the good cause I think it is perfect. should not be abused by anyone with such a wonderful things.

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