The Whole Recipe in Life

You are the salt of the earth. Matthew 5:13

In this passage Jesus is calling us to be the ‘salt” which is the transforming agent. The church is the saltshaker because the church is the one that planning things to do. Nowadays, my church are busy discussing on what to do to other.

We have many drug users and pushers that comes out and they are now in different rehab. What they need to change and continue their lives. We have neighbors in poverty and young people in the street. We have the father less and the widow. As a Christian, how can be a salt of this Earth?

Let us discuss about a recipe of a bread. If we just cook the bread without the salt, what does the taste of it or if just cook the salt, do you like to eat it? In baking a bread, we need these two ingredients to make it taste good. Salt plus the flour and other ingredients makes a wonderful bread.

As we call ourselves the salt of this earth, we need Jesus in our life. We must be connected to Him so that His spirit will guide us to do a transformation in the life of others. We will have our savor once we are with God. As a Christian, we must not be always the listener in the church. We must not always stay in the “saltshaker” comfortably but we must mix with God to teach us what to do in this life. Our life is not to be ours only and die. We have the great commission. I think even you belong to other religion, or you’re an atheist, you have the eagerness to help others. It gives the inner happiness.

Matthew 5:13 explains more that if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. Are you willing to be thrown out? I don’t. I need to be mix with God so that I will be the real salt of this earth. Without the love of Jesus, there is no power for good. This life can exert no saving influence upon the world.

As a salt, too much of it in our food is not good. So, don’t be too fanatical on what you know about God. Some people are too judging and proud because of what they knew about God’s truth that they forgot the essence of being a Christian. We will become good for nothing.

We need to know the real objective of Christ. He taught us how to be a real Christian and our purpose on Earth. We are here for people. Restore them to Christ, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.

How can you be the salt of the earth my friends? Give the specific answer. Thanks.


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  1. Vinaya

    I am a spiritualist, I believe in religious tolerance. I liked your interpretation of ‘salt of the earth”

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