The wife of a truck driver


Hello, it’s nice to be here talking with you all & getting to know you each day I’m on here
& getting to know the site day by day, so I’d like to tell you a little story about my life.

I’m the wife of a retired truck driver, we’ve been married going on 30 yrs this Sept :>}
it’s not be all roses I can sure tell you that, but it has been a life of excitement for us
as you read the article I wrote (My Heart belongs to YOU) that’s just about how it is.

But it goes a little deeper than that, See when we 1st got together I was living on the road
as a hitch 
hiker no where to call home no friends no money nothing but a drifter without a life
you may not believe this then again maybe you will who knows but got put us together for LIFE.

Yes I can HONESTLY say that cause it’s true & not ONCE but TWICE he has proved to me
that this is the man he wanted me to be with & I’m so GRATEFUL he did this for me as I
thank him everyday from that day on, cause it’s been one life I could never redo over again.

Being the wife of a truck driver isn’t NO WAY “EASY” that I can tell you up front with the
Experience I’ve had being one. you have days that you question about why are you with him
just to stay home all the time? you have days that you wish you were with someone else :>{
you even have times when you miss the living HE!! out of them & want to be there with him.

It has it’s up’s & downs as well too, as I can tell you with some of the times we never seen
eye to eye with each other, like when he’d come home he already had 1/2 of a 12 pk of beer
gone & be lit & that’s ONE THING that would SET ME OFF like no tomorrow but I’d let it be
cause I knew there was no point in arguing about it cause it would be a NO WIN battle for me.

I also can tell you some real GOOD perks in being a truck drivers wife as well too it’s not ALL
bad, where he’d come home with nice gifts for me cause he (LOVES) me so much that he had 
to bring me something to show his love for me after a fight he started & left for me to ponder 
or “STEW” over till he returned, that was almost all the time but I stuck it out for 20 yrs of it.

But now after he has retired 10 yrs later I always wondered WHY he would always have to be
so mean & cruel & leave me in a RAGE of madness & I have come to the conclusion he did it so
He could leave ( I know this makes no sense) But if you think about it like I have it really does
cause if you love someone as much as we do it’s hard to leave them at home for weeks on end.

So I guess the best way he figured he could get out the door was to start a argument with me
just so he could get me so mad I’d lose my cool where he HAD to leave, there’s been times when
he’d call the house & I KNEW it was him I wouldn’t answer the PHONE I was SO MAD for days
so when we DID talk  I’d have to keep my cool & write him a letter to tell him how I felt :>{

The part I’m getting to is just like I said earlier it’s not all a bowl of cherries & roses but here
we are 30 yrs later still married & going on in life he has SINCE retired from the truck driving
life THANK GOD cause I don’t think I would still be married if I had to go through this at this
time in our lives & now that he’s off the road we seem to get along a LOT better now AMEN :>}

SO I got to get off here & get our day going it’s been fun chatting with you all have a great day



  1. Pat Z Anthony

    Being in a relationship with anyone who has to be on the road is difficult. Some really won’t understand if they have not lived the life you mention here.

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