There is a Connection between Sleeping Posture and Personality


Sleeping Posture and Personality –Are They Connected?

Why are certain sleeping posture more convenient than simple rest? Why do we fall asleep instantly when we place ourself in comfortable and correct position on bed? The answer is simple – it is because our sleeping posture in fact shows our personality; and it is always tough, hard and fatiguing to make effort to be someone we are not! In the real life, we have to put on many masks as we go about living our lives as a part of this hypocritical society. We put down our emotions, or hide them at times. Doing so is something unnatural. However, when we sleep we are in our cozy, personal spaces, and where no one can interfere. Hence, this is the point of time when the body done its functioning and goes into relax mode! This is why we feel most comfortable while resting certain sleep postures.

Requirement for attaining Healthy Sleep

Sleeping Posture

There are two genre of human being in this world – those who sleep because they are exhausted, and those who sleep because they love to sleep! who actually wait around to return home and hit the bed regardless if it has been a long stressful day or a brief relaxed one. We love to sleep and often tend to punch anyone who tries to wake us up when we don’t want to! For us, Deep Sleep is a Pleasure- and we love to indulge in it. We are also the type of people who are quite particular about how we sleep – The cushion has to be soft enough, the blanket warm enough, and the hands and legs spread out at just the right angles. Have you ever observed yourself when you lay on bed? You never actually fall asleep unless you put yourself in a particular posture –lying face up, on your belly, arms around the cushion, etc. You feel most relaxed in these postures. Let’s have a look at a few other resting position.

These people sprawl out on the entire mattress – much like Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man! The hands are usually spread-out in such a way that they are never above the top. Legs are stretch-out in a convinient  upturn V shape. These people are Generous, free-thinkers, relaxed, comfort-loving, peace-loving, connoisseurs of beauty, need their space in life, don’t like to be in crowded places, believe in freedom of expression, intrusive, and like to gossip.

This resting posture is with the least physical constraints and that is exactly how these people like to enjoy their lifestyles, lacking of any standards or guidelines. However, you will also realize that the individual is completely stretched out. There is no space for another person on the bed! This reflects the intrusive nature of these people. They always ‘want to know’. This can become a issue to people around them.

These people sleep by resting body on one side and put their knees near to their chest area. Either both the hands are placed together over the cushion, or one of them is sprawled out straight while the other arm is placed over or under the pillow. Such people are restless, picky, complaining, stressing, anxious, excitable, particular about their valuables, conscious of their overall look, and have the tendency to get strong and tensed about problems.

These people are always on one side, prepared for action, ready for impact – like someone is going to attack them wherever they go! If you look again, you will observe that it quite a particular, and complex sleeping posture. These people, even if they rollover onto the other side, will again put other knee close to their chest area. Calm down, the world won’t stop if you take a day off and give time to yourself.

It’s a secret how these individuals breathe! They pull up the blanket right over the head, whether it winter, rain or summer; and they tend to grasp the rim of the blanket tightly. Such individual are known to be misleading, nervous, weak, secretive, and keep their secrets to themselves. They are not what they appear to be, carry their own personal hell within, stiff on the outside but are actually quite delicate inside.

This postion is clear and understandable. The blanket covers the person entirely. These people are completely different from what their family members, relatives, friends, buddies and co-workers think them to be. They cannot share their problems with others keep everything within. These people appear to be bold on face, but they are in fact quite shy and weak. They get anxious easily, but they put up mask of boldness to hide their nervousness.

These people rest on their back as if they are lying down on a magician’s bed – straight and still. They hardly move in their sleep, and still manage to wake up the next day without any sprain at all in their muscles! (HOW???) They are usually silent, attentive, shy, reserved, introvert, high-aiming, good listeners, and are always there to give someone an ear.

As you can see, these people barely move when they sleep. They constraint themselves – in motion, in space, and in posture. This shows  their reserved nature. They like to be in the background rather than under the limelight. This is also showed in how their resting posture is simple and basic. Such individuals are quite introvert. As such, there is nothing incorrect in this character, but individuals are not going to be extremely pleased if they are extrovert, talkative kinds.

The person is rolled like shape of ball! The resting posture reflect how the fetus looks in the mother’s womb. They swirl up and reserve themselves in small space on the bed. These people are famous for being self centered, insecure, revengeful, unforgiving or unforgetting. They are defensive about themselves, and appear stiff on the outside but are weak within.

Women are more likely to rest like this than men. Generally these people tend to keep something to themselves when they snuggle up. This reflect their self-centered nature. They have a tendency to embrace stuff that belongs to them. They also hang on to feelings, hence they find it too hard to forgive and ignore. They feel shy around new people. However, once they become comfortable with the person, they open up and can be quite funny to be with.

This is probably the most comfortable resting posture. Both arms are under the head or pillow, or one may be tucked while the other may lie on the tummy; the arms usually alter their positions. These people are relaxed, friendly, helpful, giving, passionate,enthusiastic,  full of concepts, out-of-the-box thinkers, sympathetic, loving parents and caring partners.

Such kind of people like to intertwined fingers behind their heads while sitting. They hence, seem to look friendly, and they are. They are individuals that everyone comes to when they are in problem, or when they want to speak the thingsout, etc. However, their helpful nature can be misleading, since they are not very deeply connected to those around them, even though they may go out of their way for everyone’s help.


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