There is nothing called “Life” without Family….


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Its been more than two months now that I am living away from my family. I have gone home just once in these two months. I am not a home sick anymore, but I do miss my family everyday like any other person staying away from his/her family. Staying away from the family is one of the toughest decision in life you will ever make but you have to make sure that it must be completely worth it.

I have been missing my family everyday and believe me this thought kills me that I could not rush back to home whenever I want to. Although its a mere 7 hour driver from where I live, to my home. But it can only be possible if I have at least  a 3-day off from my work. I must say that there is nothing called “Life” without the family. You have to manage every single day without them.

I feel depressed at times but in the next second, I get back to normal as I believe I am living away from my family with a mission that I have to have a better future and make my family proud of my deeds. Things are looking messy and uncomfortable now but as the time passes by, everything seems to be settled down. Till then its a dull life without family and I am living it with a hope of a better tomorrow.


    1. Karandeep Singh Jolly Post author

      The thing with me is I am an introvert personal, but I am not finding it hard to change my personality and I know it is for my own betterment that I go out and open up with people.

  1. Shavkat

    As they said, “There’s no place like home.” We tend to be away from our family to chase our dreams in life. I think calling them is also one way to feel at home. I had also experienced this before. I go across the border to work. When I was away, I always remind myself that this is just temporary.

  2. grace

    In your own interest, considering that you will have to live with this situation you should make friends with those around and that will ease the situation somewhat.

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