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I am on a quest.
It has been about two years now that we have been pet free. My other half and I are starting to feel like we need the companionship of a four legged something.
Now don’t get me wrong, we have pets in the house, but they are not the type that you really interact with on a one to one basis.

They are fun to watch, they are amusing in their antics, they do keep us amused to a point, but they seem to fall just a little bit short of the “ideal” pet.

pets, choices, kittens, puppies

Pets for sure, just not cuddly ones.

Our home,  is also  home to Convict Cicilids, we have at least 20 to 24 of them in all sizes from babies right up to our “Grand Daddy” who is 4 years old. We also have 12 Koi and two goldfish and and a Rosy or two in our outdoor pond.

But, as I said before, they seem to fall just a little short of the ideal pet. Our interaction with them comes when we feed them. They are excited for the flakes, that fall from their sky and once they have eaten them all up, it’s back to their usual disregard of us.
You really can’t talk to them or walk with them, you can’t snuggle and coax them onto your lap like you could with a dog or cat. And therein is where the discussion begins.
What’s the new pet going to look like? Other than having four legs and a tail (or maybe not), fur and eyes with will melt your heart, we are at a loss.
Will this be a pet that barks or one that meows? We are really torn. In the past we have had both. At one time we had a dog and three cats all of which got along famously. Both of us agree, that it will be one, or the other, this time.
So, our thinking goes something like this:  a cat is self sufficient, give it a litter box and food and the cat is pretty happy. It will ignore it’s human when it doesn’t want to be bothered and will sometimes even get nasty if you don’t leave it alone.  When it wants you, it will make itself known to the point of distraction.

choosing pets, kittens, puppies

                        Oh So Cute and Cuddly Too!

A dog on the other hand, needs to be walked, groomed and played with on a regular basis, making it much more dependent on it’s humans. It is also so much more likely to want to be in your company for whatever reason or no reason at all.  It will just “be” with you, making no demands as well.
Both will love you unconditionally, and both will be upset if you leave them with strangers for any length of time. Both will act in unacceptable ways if they are not happy.

choosing pets, kittens, puppies

Oh My, Who Wants these Puppies?

Cats can tear apart your clothing, do nasty things in your shoes and make a mess everywhere if you are not there.
Dogs can tear apart a couch, eat your shoes and socks, soil on the floor or rugs and a host of other unacceptable behaviours, if you are not there.
Now don’t get me wrong, we don’t plan on getting a pet and then leaving them alone, but sometimes we like to go out for a few hours and come back home again. Hopefully we find everything as we left it, with none of the aforementioned surprises.
So Which way do we go?
I’m taking a VOTE!  Make your voice heard! let me know if you think it should be a

  1. Dog

      or a

choosing a pet, puppies, kittens

Woof Woof or Meow!



I will post updates as the Votes come in.


  1. Andria Perry

    I cant chose for you because I love both, I reckon it depends on how much you come and go, the dogs take energy and cats not so much.

    I rescues two dogs after I said no more animals I want to travel, now someone threw out a kitten so I am fighting the dogs away from eating the poor little thing.

    I stumbled this article.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      We have done the same. At one time we had 3 cats and 1 dog all were rescue animals. If we get another, it will also be a rescue animal. We are just not sure which way we will go.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      Not fair, I was hoping that maybe you guys would be the tie breakers. We are at the same point, but really don’t want two animals. Just one or the other.

  2. Barbara Radisavljevic

    I’d get a cat, but I’ve never had a dog and I’m just not a dog person. After Mom died and left her cat and her house in my care, I could only come by in the evenings. Her cat was a very difficult one. She had a lot of faults, but she never misbehaved during that time she was alone until I could come to feed and love here during the evening. She never damaged anything. I finally gave her to my brother so she could have a family.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      Thanks for your vote Barbara, it’s one of the things that I am thinking. Cats are definitely able to handle being alone for stretches of time.

  3. Peter Streep

    Difficult, we have both and fish in the pond as well…they are two different kinds of animals. In the end I probably would go for a cat, they are more independent, but it also depends on where you live.
    but the small dogs we have are great as watchdogs and are communicating more with humans. Cats do whatever they do, you don’t own them, they own you

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      I agree wholeheartedly Peter. You are owned by the cat and not the other way around. I think that’s why the Egyptians saw them as gods.

  4. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I can’t say which because I don’t really know what you are looking for beyond the “cuddle factor” of having a cat or dog. I’d say that if you want lots of love and you have the space, go for a dog. But be prepared for higher maintenance! If you’d prefer a low-maintenance animal and you don’t mind the aloofness, then a cat is your better option.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      We have had both, but I agree with your conclusion that a cat is a better low-maintenance animal. We have lots of love to give, no more kids in the house, and we have a yard. We could use the reason of walking the dog to get some exercise, hummmmm. I think we need to think some more.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      I hear you Miss Elf. I tend to lean that way too, but a part of me likes the companionship that a dog gives.

  5. zim

    I would go with a dog. It is just a personal preference. I prefer my dogs to be outside dogs who can protect me (not much kissing and hugging there 🙂

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      Oh, you don’t hug and love them even though they are outside dogs? I’m not into guard dogs per se, but I would want one that is loyal….

  6. Eva James

    Since you say you want to cuddle and love on it a dog would be my vote as cats tend to its my way and time attitude. If you do decide a cat a manx would be a good choice as they seem to be more people oriented for loving. We had one of those that anytime you sat down he would jump up and flop over in the crock of your arm on his back like a baby. The manx we have now is related to him and lays on our laps a lot

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      Thanks Eva, we had a cat that looked like a Manx, he lost his tail in a car accident. It was pretty funny watching him as he had this stubby little bump on his behind….lol

    2. Eva James

      Also some small dogs can be litter box trained. That would help when you are not up to walking it.

  7. Karleen

    Because I’m a dog person, I would definitely say a dog.
    -Dogs are loyal to a fault, to the end. Cats are not.
    -Most dogs will at least let you know if someone is snooping around your house, whether they will actually protect you or not depends on the dog. Cats, not so much.
    -Short haired dogs don’t need much grooming.
    -Dogs get you out walking – great exercise.
    -When you rescue dogs, they seem to know they’ve been saved. Some become the best dogs ever, but some come with issues, as you probably know.
    -Some cats meow incessantly, while although some dogs bark incessantly, I think it’s easier to train a dog not to bark than a cat not to meow.
    -Most dogs can be left home alone for several hours. If you’re worried about damage or accidents, maybe you have a kitchen area you could keep her in – block off access with a gate to other areas of the house.
    Of course I could go on and on, because, like I said, I’m a dog person. But anyway, that’s my vote – dog! 🙂 p.s. I love your fish. My roommate has a salt water tank – pretty cool.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      I hear you Karleen, agian we have had both dogs and cats, so are aware of the differences, but at this stage in our lives, we are waffling badly….one day it’s a cat and the next day a dog…..

  8. Mary

    Definitely a cat! Cats are easier to care for and especially if you need to be away for a day or two, self sufficient. Enjoy this journey!

  9. Pat Z Anthony

    Really I am more of a dog person than a cat person, but as I get older see the advantages of having cats. Our dogs must be walked several times a day, groomed daily and the list gets a little long. The cats take care of most of their own needs and are still friends to all here.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      That is what is making this decision so hard. Both my husband and I are getting up there in years. Walking isn’t as easy as it used to be….But with the dog walking would be mandatory and might help us keep moving….
      The last thing I want to do is get an animal and then have to give it up because we can’t cope…that would break my heart for sure….

  10. Sylvia Mayfield

    I had cats all my life until a certain black lab stole my heart and then broke it. I vote dog because Dog Is God spelled backwards. I have rescues now and they are so loving. Alert me when someone comes close to the house or backyard. They snore. They give us love and laughter every day. Good luck with your choice. Whichever you choose, I hope you’ll consider a rescue.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      Would not go any other way. We had a rescue dog before and he was just so delightful, broke our hearts too…..we’ve had cats too that were all rescues as well…..
      my other half just let me know that he wants a DOG! News to me!

  11. Pat Z Anthony

    @oliviamorris Perhaps getting a small dog that is older would be a nice thing for you. However, it also seems dogs have more health issues than cats do. Ugh-it is a tough choice and we claim we won’t add more dogs (yeah, said that before the last dog got here) but we will see!

  12. Gil Camporazo

    You’ve 5 lovely kittens and 3 cute puppies. They are looking good while they’re still young. They will change their body structure, their behaviour when they are already big or old enough. Their traits are too dependent from their masters on how they are reared up and trained.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      Well we would be going to a shelter to find our next four legged friend, so I don’t think we would know too much about it’s parentage. It’s a chance that I would be willing to take. There are far too many puppies and kittens around that need good homes. And I do think that the way you treat them will have an effect on how they behave or not.

  13. Louanne

    I do love both and I’m sure whichever way you go you won’t be disappointed. I only have a dog at the moment and am looking at another one that needs a home so I’ll have to cast a vote for the loyal dog 🙂

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      Thank you Louanne, I know that there is a void that needs to be filled. I’m sure which ever one wins, in the end it will be the right choice.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      You know that cats are easier, but their affection is sometimes not nearly that of a dog’s.

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