This is the Big Issue Forever “Vote Buying”

One of the big issue here in the Philippines and even worldwide nowadays in regards to politics is vote buying. Vote buying is required by a politician and a voter, in this time “VOTE BUYING” may acquire. It has been rampant to a massive Filipinos in years were I knew about how the vote buying system works.

In my place, there are several requirements on how to sell your vote(but we never sell our votes since the day we can vote). First the key leader will approach you by house to house gathering to put you in their list as their loyal supporters. If you agreed, the key leader will follow up for the upcoming rallies in every designated barangays to support the running candidates. Next, if the election is in near approaching the running candidate will request to the key leader for a meeting in regards to a shading processes on how the voters will vote perhaps who to support. In that way, the key leader can hasten the list which exactly to count the vote. Next, Night before the election. The running candidates will give money to the list of the key leaders as they promise to buy the votes in every voter’s individual. “The day of election day” will be having a poll watcher in every precents and watch out every voters if they voted the running candidates.

These explanations are just base only in my place on how the votes works in selling. In my 2nd time voter for the national election, there are people approaching me to buy sell my votes but I denied. There is a law here in the Philippines which you should never sell your vote for a clean for descent election. But sad to say, politics here in my place is the worst place for a descent election ever. They are money hooker.


  1. Suny

    I think this practice makes the democracy small. If the trend goes on the system will fail and it will become toy in the hands of indirect dictators!

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