This Little Old Lady Called Nana

Hello to all I have just been sitting around and then I suddenly got an invite to this wonderful site and now I am here to let you in on a few details about myself. First of all I have two living granddaughters. One grandson is now living in Heaven with our Father.


I am fifty five years old and living in a rather small town, a home owner, a mother of two, love cats and I now have four and a sweet poodle to put up with the kitties of the home.


I work currently at a home improvement store as the secretary and counter helper of a lovely couple as I work three days a week so they can enjoy the company of each other. I really hate doing taxes, lol.


I love to walk, watch and collect great family oriented movies, pet my babies, read, sing alone of course and work in my flower garden. I like the temperatures in the upper seventies and vanilla ice cream with chocolate on top, I love to eat Mexican as often as I can and I like to shop in thrift stores so let us all be friends here on this new site and have fun while getting to know each other.



  1. IcyBC

    Nice to know a bit about you, Donna! Thank you for all your support, and know that your generosity will be returned 🙂

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