This Movie is Seriously Funny: Spy Movie Review


Lately, I am not watching comedy films. The latest I watched is How to be Single by Dakota Johnson. I remember this one movie I watched before and I want to share it to you guys. The title is Spy. The lead character is Melissa McCarthy (from the movie The Heat and Bridesmaid). I made a review about this film already and right now I am making this review from watching it the second time. 

First, I am not a fan of Melissa McCarthy because I am thinking there is a right character for her. She might look like funny but in a sense that you will forget about that part of her. In this movie, it changed the way I think I about her. I don’t hate her, but I dislike her before. In this movie, I appreciate the acting and I feel the passion too. 

Second, have you seen Jason Statham in a comedy film? Maybe! but this it he first time I saw Jason Statham in a comedy film. He role show some funny and bitter emotions. I love to see him in different outfits, hairs etc. He even say funny dialogues that leads me to giggling all over. I guess having him in the film made a difference for me since I know Jason Statham to be serious in all action movies he did in the pasts. I was laughing even hard on the ending part. I don’t want to say about it. I was giggling all over when he is saying a funny dialogue and his face was looking serious. 

Third, well the movie is about Spying. Jason Statham’s character is a bitter spy. It also casts Jude Law and Rose Byrne. Jude Law failed in his spying assignment so the leader replaced him with Melissa McCarthy’s character. Rose Byrne is Rayna, a daughter of a spy who has the lists of spy group. They are protecting Rayna from the other Spy group.

Well, nothing special with this movie but as far as I remember I was having fever when I watched it the second time and it helps me to switch the negative vibes. It is something worth wasting your time if you feel bored and stress. It is real funny, the dialogues, the look of the faces and I have some favorite parts especially when Melissa McCarthy was using the motorcycle to chase someone and it drops down. I had the loudest laugh on that part. For me this is seriously funny from how the casts done their part of making a real funny movie. 

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  1. Jennifer Louie

    Lol yes! We watched that on advance screening, at first i was like’im only watching this because of Jason Statham’ but then the movie turned out so funny! Even Jason di a great job on this movie!

  2. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @nana thank you for the compliment!!
    @patzanthony There are lots of movie download in the internet you can check it out too.
    @Vinaya wow, thank you for that. This one is real funny for me that is why I am sharing this.
    @zelfiquin me too, I got curious of Jason Statham’s role and then I can’t stop laughing everytime he appears and his bitterness too.

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne

      Yes, I agree. I watched the movie once. I thought it was funny, but I will wait a while before I watch it again. Not worth seeing over and over.

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