Three days to go for the big Launch!

Hey guys!

How many of you are eagerly and patiently waiting for the big Blogbourne site launch? I know it’s just three days away and we are all working hard towards getting recognized on here, by making friends, interacting and putting up posts and not forgetting, increasing our coin balance only to see what happens when the site goes live!

I for one am extremely excited to know what the site is going to be like. Is it going to resemble Bubblews? Is it going to have the same kind of rules and regulations? What would be the payment terms? So many questions will only be answered on 1st August!

What about you guys? How do you feel about this website?

I honestly wish we are all jointly able to keep the site going with our hard work, our valuable posts and we all stick to the rules and regulations to make the site better.

There were a handful of people who basically ruined the other sites with their nonsensical posts and comments and going against the rules. Now that we have found a new and improved site that will help us, why not go the right way and do the right thing?

Who’s with me on this! J


  1. Marie Edgerly

    I am excited! I hope this site is around for a long time. I already love this site and so far the people i have met on here has been great. Time will tell what the future brings!

    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      Yes that’s true. I hope people understand it’s value and keep it clean and follow the rules. I love it on here too. Hope to get to know you better too 🙂

    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      With the amount of support from everyone I dont think the site will disappoint. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      Yes we need to keep the cheaters as far away as we can. They will be the ones to bring this site down.

    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      The day has finally arrived but I dont find any particular difference however I just wanted to know whats the payment terms like.

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