Time isn’t on my side!

I’m honestly starting to feel like I need another 24 hours in my day. We’re still trying to find a place to live. We’re not asking for much, just a decent studio to call home.

My writing work is piling up too. I think reminding my clients I exist may have been a bad idea since I also applied at a few new places who also hired me. It equates to a lot of work, just nothing that’s going to pay immediately. I think that’s the reason I didn’t like writing last time and took a break. I do enjoy it but wish I could find a weekly paying client or two or something!

I’m not complaining, but I am saying I really need to get into a place where I’m comfortable living so I can just do work at night instead of running around, looking for a place to work from. I could then get things really set up for ministry as I have so many ideas I want to accomplish when we finally get settled down/in. For instance, I know how to get a good stockpile of freebies set up, so I’d like to do that and donate these things to a shelter. I’ve thought of a few other things to do, time isn’t allowing me to do right now.

I also need to work on getting organized. I think moving closer to where I do Habitat’s work would make that easier too. This way I could be at home more instead of searching for a gym to shower at after work before spending like an hour fighting traffic. Simple truth is I waste way too much time each day then end up being up way too late at night.

On that night… Goodnight


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