Tiring Sunday July 24th

Good evening. I am exhausted and still have about thirty minutes before I can go to bed yet. It started out a hot and lazy day. The temperature climbed up into the nineties again with very high humidity. So I spent the first part of the day sitting in my chair and working on my plastic canvas tissue box. I had a fan pointed at me and felt pretty good. Then we went to eat at Mom and Dads. While we were there we could see a storm coming toward us. Just having the cloud cover helped cool it down a lot. I walked back home before it started to rain. After the rain passed it was still a lot cooler out, so I decided to get my green beans picked. By the time I was done the sun was back out and I needed a shower bad. I got four and a half pecks from the garden. And I will be picking again in the next couple of weeks. Snapping the beans was not bad as I was once again able to sit in front of the fan. But then it was time to start cooking them. I now have the last seven quarts of twenty one in the pressure canner. Once I shut it off I am going to go to bed. I should fall asleep very quickly. Hope all of you were able to hide out in the shade and relax on this very hot day.


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