To Write for Love to write or Money?

We must be honest with ourselves. Are we writing because we love to write, or is it for the money we get? I never knew I had the talent or passion to write until someone invited me to join the other big B writing site. At first I was hesitant. Nervous that I might make a mistake and scared that other people will laugh at me.

I am an avid reader. As far as I could remember I loved to read. My mother would allow us to buy books every year the school was offering. We had a limit of 3-5 books each. First it was just me and my older brother then my younger brother and then the youngest was able to buy the last year before my dad was transferred again (Navy brat kids). We had hundred of books different genre because we all had different interests.

In one school we were able to accelerate our grade level in reading, history, math and science. We were made to make reports so that started me out in researching and writing. So even if I was in grade 4 I was grade 7 in English and history  Grade 5 in math and grade 6 in Science. My brothers were much better in the sciences and math.

I used to write short fictional stories but when I got older sports became a more interesting subject. But I still love to read , my interest became more matured and more interesting.

So I was not really afraid of my grammar or spelling or in the way I can express, I was just afraid of rejection.

Yes I love to write and I love the money we get paid for it. Being on different writing sites and a few that just disappeared made me hesitant to write again. All my feelings, vents, sharing went down the drain.

I also think that if we write for a certain site, person or company, I think we should get paid for it. The hard work we put into researching, thinking, and typing; I think also needs to be reimbursed. The saying that nothing is for free now-a-days is true. We write because we love it and helps us, but also I love the extra income we get from it.

But please, don’t just write nonsense things. Check your grammar and spelling. Do not make a lot of posts that are not really important and interesting just to get paid. That I think is the most unfair thing to do to other members who are doing their best. I hope this site will also check article before giving it a go signal.


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I’m really glad you joined that other site, Daisy, because it’s how you & I met. You are such a generous and positive person. It’s always been a pleasure to read your posts and to read your supportive comments. We all gained because your friend convinced you to try writing 🙂

  2. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    For me, I have always loved to write. Yes, i would love to be able to make a living writing but, I have not gotten to that point yet. Even if, I never do, I will never stop writing. Writing is a part of my soul.

  3. Daisy Post author

    thank you. Yes freelance writing is hard I have been writing only for almost 5 years half of you years of experience 🙂

  4. Kyuminette

    I think one reason why do we write here it is because we love to write and the earning is a compensation of our passion to write because how can you write when you do not have passion to write then you cannot have money..a lot of ways to earn money but making money because of your passion gives you satisfaction and happiness.

  5. Nona

    I must just love writing, because I’ve been doing it for free since 1999.

    Meanwhile, when I find a site like this one that does pay me a little for my words I’m always afraid to actually post much. I don’t want to be the “uninteresting” person that the “real” writers talk about bringing a site down.

    Maybe one day I’ll find the perfect balance of personal blogging and SEO content.

    That day is probably not today though. lol

  6. marilou luzon

    I love to read either, I love to write too but like what u said, I scared to coz I might not deliver the meaning or right word to express what is in my mind to write 😛

  7. Grecy Garcia

    I am here to write and get paid. Personally, I am trying the site and taking advantage of 5 posts a day if I can because I really want to know the turn out. I am a writer with passion because I love what I do, this is my breathing area. Everything I write comes from the heart that is why when things turns out bad, I feel really bad. I do believe all of the writers, even on this blogsite give their 100 % best and every piece of writing is worth reading. Kudos to all of you passionate writers!!

  8. Gil Camporazo

    Writing is my hobby. I write to entertain, to inform, to move for action without any remuneration. I had just later that I could earn a penny by writing online to sites that pay. I had tried and had earned as I have said a penny.

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