Today I watched Anayoot Festival for first time

Kerala is quite famous for temple festivals, and elephants form an integral part of all its celebrations. Kerala people also follow a Malayalam calendar, and all Hindu festivals are based on this calendar. At present the last month of Malayalam calendar – Karkidokam is running, and it’s regarded as the holy Ramayana month, and is counted a season of rejuvenation also.


During every Karkidokam season, Kerala temples arrange a special day for elephants called ‘Anayoot Festival’, which means ‘Feeding elephants’, where special medicines and food are given to animals. Today I watched Anayoot Festival in my nearby Vishnu temple, and I could see people belonging to all age group in the crowd to provide cooked rice, bananas, cucumbers etc to three elephants.


I went to temple along with by daughter, and she was a little shy to do the offerings. Special Gaja Pooja (elephant pooja) and Ganapati pooja were also conducted, and we returned home with special pooja prasadam, made of coconut, jaggery and sesame seeds. Special medicine was also given as Prasad to all the devotees on this auspicious occasion, as this monsoon season is known to be a season of ailments too. I also captured some nice photos of elephants, which I would like to share with you people very soon.


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