Today is National Dog Day

Friday, August 26, 2016, is National Dog Day in the United States. That means today many pet owners attended activities meant to celebrate dogs.

National Dog Day is fairly new in the United States. Although this was just started in 2004 by pet advocate Colleen Paige, there are many other days with similar names that are intended to celebrate dogs. One of the favorite pets in the United States are dogs. Americans have always loved their dogs, but it does seem now that some are almost obsessed.

Colleen Paige chose the date of August 26 as the perfect date to have the first National Dog Day in remembrance of her first dog, which she received when she was a child. Not sure adopting a dog is right for you on National Dog Day? Visit the National Dog Day site and learn about other days that might be a better choice for you, such as National Cat Day.

Days such as National Dog Day were started to bring attention to the many pets that are abandoned and waiting for new homes. Each year in the United States alone, thousands of dogs are euthanized because there are not enough people willing to adopt these dogs. All dogs are included in the celebration of National Dog Day, not just specific breeds.

Some were able to attend special sales today for National Dog Day, which mean items really not needed were on special. A dog lover could purchase colorful harnesses, fancy collars as well as charms for the collar if they felt the dog needed some extra pizzazz. Also, toys and treats for dogs were on special at local pet supply stores.

While some might question how Americans become so involved with their dogs that National Dog Day and other days to celebrate dogs came about, realize the United States is not the only country with dogs as pets. People in other countries will tell you that their dogs are also considered to be part of the family.

Those not able to adopt a dog on National Dog Day might be willing to assist by making a donation to one of their favorite pet groups. This can easily be done online by locating a group in your area that helps place dogs in loving homes.

In the Charlotte area some rescues and pet supply shops promoted National Dog Day earlier today with events that included dogs that are available for adoption. In some cases this event will be repeated by rescues tomorrow. Many people will find that National Dog Day is the perfect time to choose a dog to add to their household.


  1. Gil Camporazo

    We never celebrate Dog’s Day. But we have a month-long celebration of the Awareness on the care of animals. Every year we have a thanksgiving festival. One of its highlights is the Dog Show. It is a contest of all types or breeds of dogs. They’re rated as to their tricks shown, their healthy condition, among others.

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      Some of the events for dogs are so much fun to attend. We have never had a dog that talented.

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      It seems we have a day for everything in the United States. Sometimes there are too many things celebrate.

  2. Andria Perry

    I did not know about this one till yesterday. We have an event called “do-da” day in the park and everyone brings their dogs, its all about dogs and they have the shelters come out with dogs that need homes.

    I tweeted this article

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      It is interesting how much time some of us spend with pets and promoting pets! Thankfully the rescues and shelters do what they do to help!

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