Top 10 Classic Clothes and Accessories

Monday, August 01, 2016

While browsing through the old paperwork and magazines that I decided to keep, I noticed a brochure from an old boutique that I used to shop at during my twenties. Contempo Casuals was one of my favorite boutiques when I was younger, along with Judy’s and Limited Express. Contempo and Judy’s are no longer around, but I think Limited is still is.

Anyway, I noticed that this brochure has photos of some classic pieces that I still wear to this day because classic pieces never really go out of fashion.

  1. Faux Fur jackets, which are more popular than ever now. I have a fake fur purse, which also has the LV décor symbols but without the LV letters from a street vendor. I also have fake fur earmuffs from Sears.
  2. Polar turtleneck looks soft and comfy with a soft fabric. I am not even sure if I have that turtleneck, but I still wear turtleneck in autumn and winter in my layered outfits.
  3. Graphic hoodies with a zipper or pullover are just practical sweaters that everyone wears during casual events and local outdoor activities.
  4. Pleather jackets and pants are even more popular now than they used to be. But I only have a seafoam green moto pleather vest.
  5. V-neck blouse with ¾ sleeves looks kind of cropped. I still wear the old ones that I have, whether for casual-wear or sometimes at the gym.
  6. V-neck sweater is the classic sweater, and it can be worn in many ways, whether over a shirt, by itself with jeans, or in a layered outfit. Feather V-neck sweater looks soft and comfy, although I am not sure what kind of fabric feather is. But it looks like a perfect sweater for cooler weather because it is cute and warm.
  7. Velvet jeans with matching jacket in solid colors look like a casual suit. I still have mine from the nineties, but mine aren’t velvet. I have one in black denim and one is a burnt brown shade.
  8. Sueded Pants aren’t really suede. I think they are the ones that look and feel similar to suede but they are some other fabric. They feel soft and nice, and I almost bought one before, but I was afraid I would ruin them during washing.
  9. Denim pants never go out of style, and jeans will always be the classic pants, worn all year for different occasion. All kinds of clothes and accessories are made with denim nowadays, which includes skirts and dresses of all lengths, shorts, jackets, coats, hats, purses, shoes, and the list is endless.
  10. And, the classic accessories are knee-high platform boots, loafers, and messenger-style purse with long handle.


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