Treading Water On The Site….

girl-429380_960_720I think for a lot of us who have been writing on writing/blogging sites have been on sites where they never paid the writer, stopped paying the writers or never paid the writers.  So when a “new” sites comes up, we may tend to be skeptical.  I think that’s pretty true about life in general as a rule.


Some times the “bad” things that may have happened in our past our etched into our minds and it’s hard for us to trust, especially when there are similarities, as there are in writing sites.  So every new site that may come up, we’ll see some similarities and are cautions as if we’re treading water.


I just found out about this site today and decided well, should I give it a try?  A friend from other writing sites I have been on suggested this site to me.  As usual, some of my other on-line friends were already here! 🙁  But, anyway, that’s nice to see familiar places in a new setting.  I’m thinking to myself, well they’re treading water just as I am, so maybe THIS site will work!  I guess, we always have to tred that water because if we don’t we might miss out on a good opportunity.  Besides, what’s the worst that will happen, the site will fade away in the wind??


So, I would like to say, that we should all hold hands and tred the water together!!





  1. Vinaya

    Writing sites come and go,. however, we are always there writing and publishing. It hurts when I am not paid, but I have my work with me and I can use it when ever I want.

  2. Padmashri Sriram

    Totally agree. We hold on to the bad ones fearing to move with the new, good ones. But thats the most basic rule of life. Things come and go. And so do writing sites.

  3. marilou luzon

    I feel you Ms. Jodee I tried other sites after the one big site before but I didn’t succeed with those sites came along and here I am trying again hehe, best of luck to us!

  4. IcyBC

    I have been writing online since 2008, and many sites came and gone! I have the fear and hesitation, but still want to move forward, start anew!

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