True Love Heals Souls

True Love Heals Souls


True Love heals souls. This is true. Once you start to love yourself for everything that you are, your soul begins to heal. True love for one’s self is very important. If you don’t love yourself then, you cannot truly love anyone else.

You must know yourself well. Know all of your good and bad qualities. Expect yourself for all that you are. Love yourself for your good qualities and try and improve on you bad ones.

True Love Doesn’t Come Easy

For some people is takes their whole lifetime to find try love. Sadly, many people settle for much less than they deserve just because they don’t want to be alone. If you are lucky enough to have found true love, you know it.

True love is that person who loves you for everything that you are. They love you despite your bad points and they try and make you stronger. True love is that person who is there for you no matter what you are going through. They are they to help you enjoy the good times and create many wonderful memories together. They are there for you through the bad time, to help support you and help you get through them.

True Love Makes the Soul Stronger

True love makes the soul stronger. True love is growing and learning together. True love is two souls coming together and acting as one. If you have found true love than you know what I mean. True love helps make both of you grow stronger.

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  1. Vinaya

    Love is the only thing that connects two individual, whether you are blood related or not.

  2. grace

    I have put up my tag line here which is ‘Love yourself and help save planet earth’ Some wonder how when one loves oneself they can save the earth. It is simple. When we love ourselves we will not have a burden of guilt of having sinned and if everyone believes in this imagine what a wonderful world this will be.

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