Unclean… Reason for health issues?

My husbands cousin is very unsanitary.
There are things piled all over the house: there are papers, boxes and I have no idea what else piled all over floors, tables, hallway, and even the bathroom and tub.
She also has 7 cats that live in the house. She doesnt clean the litter box enough and the pee all over the house. That is the only thing that you can smell when they open the door.
I went and helped her clean for 2 days not long ago, bit I won’t do it again because as soon as you leave she puts everything back. She wont get rid of anything. She had some aunts and a cousin that came over and caiied out a truck load of trash and after they left, she yook most of it back in the house.
They are always going to the Dr office or the ER with UTI’s and dehydration among other things. From what all I have read cat urine can do some bad things to your body and organs, especially with prolonged exposure to it.
I dont understand why the EMS hasnt turned it in yet. They go over and havr to smell that and try and get the gurnie arond all the piles.
Do they not realize this can hurt them??


  1. Sandy KS

    Hoarding is a mental illness. Having too many cats or animals that they can’t take care of is another issue. My mom is a hoarder to. Thank goodness she does not have any pets.

  2. Soraya Bowie

    This person needs help, Sandy KS is right. Hoarding is a mental illness and needs to be treated properly. I hope she does get the help she needs, its not good for her or the cats.

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