Understanding The Importance of SEO

Back in the days, when the internet was non-existent, writers aim to create a catchy title for their articles and of course an interesting story to tell their readers. Promoting these books was done by those big-named authors who would have autograph signing as their means to connect to their readers. But now that internet has become a great tool in promoting any kind of business across the virtual world. But it is not enough to just publish a website without doing something that would truly reach your target market.

Knowing the right keywords to choice is very important. For example, you have an online shop using WordPress. Shopify has now been integrated to make it easier for online sellers to showcase their products without having to leave the site. For a site who sells different kinds of shoes, making use of the keywords: “Leather shoes”, “authentic leather shoes” or “male leather shoes” can be helpful because it is exactly what the shop is selling. Just imagine how many people could be searching for shoes every day and what could his online shop become popular is by being able to use other social media sites to link his site to.

With a writing site like Blogbourne, where writers/bloggers are invited to join and earn as well, we must realize that the core of this site is having good ranking/ good traffic by contributing quality content and using high-ranking key words to let the site operate. Without these keywords and a site full of low quality content, the site may just go down the drain just like the previous popular writing sites that ended up not paying so many writers. Earning on a site like this is not just merely counting the number of views, likes or comments. It will only be the basis on how much share you get from the over all earnings of the site based on its monthly revenue.

If we want a good-paying site, we also need to do our part. After all, we will all benefit from it eventually.

This writing site should not limit anyone who would want to share their thoughts with the community. But to help make this site stay longer, abiding by the rules won’t hurt.



    Recently coming up with SEO friendly article or piece its a bit easy because of several software that assist in making long and short tail keywords. Keywords are basic hint in generating SEO friendly, articles and pieces.
    once, you understand how to generate and placement of either long tail and short tail keywords in a piece you will produce the best. and don’t use too much keywords and make your articles spammy

    1. Jenny A Post author

      Thank you for that additional information. Such valuable thoughts could truly help this site succeed.

  2. John

    Uncomplicated insight and yet with the clear understanding how blogging site will last using keywords not by enforcing it to every blogger, but by keeping the blog with potential returns, SEO will help a lot for the site to accumulate future earnings from it. and the revenue sharing will be at the most modest to everyone.

    1. Jenny A Post author

      I think that apart from sharing what we know about other things and sharing our own experiences is to help others to know more about what writing is all about especially in joining sites like this.

  3. N Sri Naga Jyothi

    There are many good writers but they don’t know SEO they even don’t bother to plan for their keyword and write quality post, for those I don’t think it requires seo,

  4. Jenny A Post author

    We have the same sentiments. Maybe we could share our knowledge, too about the different means on how to help a writng site like Blogbourne because I know how much people are eager to earn online.No matter how small it may be but if the site stays for a long time then it will benefit the whole community.

    1. Jenny A Post author

      That is true! And that is one thing that aspiring writers should need to learn and understand.

    1. Jenny A Post author

      Don’t be sad, Jean. You can learn how to do it. There are a lot of tutorials online to help you with that. You’d eventually get the hang of it.

    1. Jenny A Post author

      I have actually learned it while I was assigned to work for a client to write promotional blogs. I didn’t know anything about SEO. All I had under my sleeves was knowing how to understand the English language and write what I think is right for the topic asked. After several years of doing blogs for clients, I could say I have improved a bit. But I have not stopped learning especially that I get to work with different clients who need blogs for their businesses.

  5. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Keywording has, fortunately, gotten a lot looser these days. This means that a lot of writers are already producing SEO-friendly content without necessarily meaning to. It’s important to remember to produce unique content, and to use more descriptive language and fewer “stand-in” words like pronouns. Other than that, just trying to aim for one keyword in the title and a subheading, in the alt tag and caption, in the first paragraph and the last, can help a lot for SEO 🙂

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