The Harsh Reality in Some People’s Character

A man can be ungrateful for many things, can’t count it, I’m pretty sure of it.

Though unpleasant, sometimes it’s necessary, maybe for the particular actions that needs attention to the person whose behaviour and attitude is way beyond society’s norms.

Ah, it’s a shameful to do such a bad deeds, though it lacks essential, but it’s not, it could be something we can’t understand or anyone who doesn’t have that kind of predicament in his/her life to be able to seek the truth that might lead them to a more unconventional life they have, maybe because we are clouded with that kind of dilemma too. We can be judgmental or quick to say something harsh but eventually when the dust is settled, we have had a horrendous mistake!

Our prominence isn’t just the way it is while we are here, there are certain events that leads to something bad, mostly worst, if unchecked on a daily basis or even good if we are confident enough to see it clearly that way we want it to be!

Yes, there are people who are into ungrateful, unpleasant and despicable attitude without them knowing it that they can even hit you hard and knocked you down. They rock your world that for them is like you are under their spell, able to keep your agitated, feeling lost, making you feel looser, unfit to be one of them, but the sad truth is many have fallen into these twisted, cruel, bitter, perverted, abnormal remarks  about you! It’s a distressing feeling indeed!

It’s a bad habit, so bad that it’s becoming a trending attitude towards another, either in person or virtual world via social media, it could lead to a catastrophic experience, especially if you are having a hard time coping up with all this hatred going on in your life. I’ve read how hard for the people who were bashed with mental torture, threaten them with more “verbal” intimidation (of course FB, Twitter and the like)! It’s like they are locked up in a cell where there’s no freedom to roam around that even a small step towards a petite freedom can lead to a serious harm to his/hers!

What is wrong in this world? It’s like the GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct) has been overboard and doesn’t need it anymore by the people who needed it the most. Doesn’t need anything anymore about a simple manner, etiquette or even proper decorum! We have gone too far.

We may think that these enormous amounts of putting many bad traits in a person is okay or even joke is suppose to be taken lightly because it doesn’t harm me physically, boy, you have one big problem if you tolerate that kind of conduct! Maybe you are already a victim of “silent” and abusive behaviour? I guess, for me is, we have to keep them at bay or face their tune and let them know you have your own agenda in your life, you have your music playing or dance. You can’t be controlled by anyone, especially people like them who in the long run will ruin your life!

We can’t tell how long will they carry out these attitudes towards another human being, perhaps, in their right mind, they  may look to their own and possibly who knows they will end up changing their minds and mind their own business!


  1. Linda Jenkinson

    There’s a lot of bad attitudes and worse- bad actions going on- not only in social media but everywhere in life- I still hope that perhaps the good still outweighs the bad. One thing about bad things, vibes and especially people- their affect is so much louder than the good unfortunately.

    1. John Post author

      Exactly Linda… That’s why bad actions/attitude needs to be restrained, especially children who in their early years or teen needs to have a proper guidance.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    Better forgive them for they know what they are doing. I said they know what they are doing. Why? They keep it on doing and doing and doing that unacceptable behavior and habits.

    1. John Post author

      Forgiving is alright. Callous attitude is lifetime… Only time will tell how they gonna change it for them to realize their bad actions.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      I find no word or phrase that is insinuating about curse in this post. I think that is what you are thinking about. You have no right to curse a person if he is beyond “repair”. God Himself is forgiving those who come short of the Glory of God. There is no reason for a man to go beyond God’s merciful and forgiving attitude. Please reread the article above 100 and 1 and point to us that “word” or “phrase” that tells about “curse”.

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    It does seem society has changed. It is not just the bad behavior we see daily, but the agreement by others with such behavior. Could it always have been like this and we just did not notice? I don’t think so.

    1. John Post author

      Today’s generation has drastically changed…

    2. Gil Camporazo

      I was once reading a passage from the Bible. This verse has much to do with the present attitude of the youngsters. This goes this way: “spare the rod and you spoil the child”. We don’t take this literally unlike the ancient that corporal punishment is used to discipline the hard headed one. Since child is being protected or else those who inflicted a bodily harm the child would be charged in court. This is what I mean – if the parents won’t take any action to discipline their child, more likely he would be a problem.

  4. Andria Perry

    Usually when someone bullies me online, especially in a group or on a site. I report them to the owners and if they do nothing I walk away. I will not stay and be abused, there are to many good people out there, online, to hang out with and have a good time and not worrying .tip toeing around that one verbal abusive person.

  5. Gina M. Menorca

    I think because people are way too liberated. They think they can actually take what they want without consideration. At one time. I actually blame social media for corrupting the minds of my children.

    1. John Post author

      Too bad, Gina, even the social media has to be blamed by the very same people who is supposed to use it for good intention, disseminating useful information. Somehow it turned out to be the opposite way, they monstrously abuse it!

  6. Jo Pin

    Some people think that character can be bought nor attitude can be borrowed. I see more and more people interacts in a manner that is not so pleasing at all. They like to bash anyone especially on social media just to get attention and be famous for their harsh words.

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