Unleashing the blogger in me after 2 years!

Hello BlogBourne Buddies!

I am Padmashri Sriram, known among blogger buddies as PadmasriSriram. I love having fun, reading books and traveling, exploring new countries is one of my most favorite hobby.

Its been a really long time since I blogged and I am searching for words to put my message across to you all. And that would be a big Hi! I can see a lot of familiar, known bloggers here. Glad to be a part of BlogBourne.

2 years of break from writing and blogging has made me forget the various nuances of expressing oneself through  words. I took a break, a really long one. Well! It was totally worth it. I am now a mother of a sweet little 7 month old boy, who keeps me on my toes all day long. But, I did find a lot of time to read interesting articles and books ( Most of them are on child rearing and Pregnancy… bear with that )

So here I am, getting back to my beast mode, unleashing the blogger in me. I have been waiting for a great and user friendly platform to blog and here it is. And I have so much information to share with you all through my articles. Hurray to the new beginning and getting to know each other again!


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  1. Vinaya

    I have never been away from blogging for too long. Writing is always there for me, when I am not hitting keyboard, words are written inside mind.

  2. Sandy KS

    When I do not write on a site like this one. I write on my blog I have on Blogger. As I have to write. I never seem to be able to stop. It drove me nuts on vacation not being able to write and rarely any internet access.

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