Update to “There’s A Vote Going On Right Here!”

Hold the presses, hold the presses, there is an update on the saga of Dog versus Cat.


So we were having a grand discussion on the qualities of cats and dogs and whether our decision should be moved in one direction or the other.

You know I believe in fate stepping in when the need really arises.  We were on the cusp of going to the pound just yesterday, when a friend of ours called with a big Favor to ask!

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a softy at heart (others would call me a sucker).  I prefer to be a “softy”.  Having said that, there are times when I think I am being taken advantage of, but, then again,  I am a willing participant. 

So what happened, get to the point!

We have decided to help our friend out of her quandry.  This young lady had the opportunity to move to the west coast.  Her dream job of working with horses full time was right there, just waiting for her to say yes!

It didn’t take her too long to figure out that this was the opportunity of a lifetime and she jumped on the bandwagon.  

She sub-let her apartment, got a plane ticket, herded both of her dogs onto the plane and off she went.  

Now here is the wrinkle in the whole story.  She also has two cats.  The airlines would not let her bring four animals with her in one trip.  

So this young lady, made arrangements for a girlfriend to look after the cats until she could come back to retrieve them.  So far, so good, everything seems to be working out well. 

That was the plan until the girlfriend had a fight with her employer, lost her job, and now could not afford the apartment that she had sub-let along with the two cats. 

This is where everything begins to unravel.  This girlfriend got in touch with another friend who was looking for an apartment, and sub-sub-let it to her.  Trouble is this new tenant in the apartment is allergic to cats.  

This is where I step in.  Yes I have my big red cape on, no spandex tights though.  I cannot see these two cats, who I know have been looked after very well, put out of their home so unceremoniously.  

Yes, I came to the rescue.  We now are boarding two cats for a few months somewhere between 2 and 4 months.


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George and Russy


It’s a good time for us to see what it means to be held down by our furry family again.  Maybe it’s just the thing we need to finalize in our own minds whether we want to be beholden to the four legged creatures that have been dancing in our minds.

We will see.  Right now, George and Russy are hiding out in the darkest corners of the house.  I can hear footsteps moving behind me, but I will let them come to me.  

For the time being, we are fostering these two cats, so maybe by springtime we will know which of the animal types we will actually go and rescue for ourselves.  Right now Foster parenting two Cats fits the bill perfectly!  Thank God.


    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      Well it has changed our plans somewhat. We had decided to go to the pound this week. Bless these two cats, they came into our home tonight. So we will put off the visit to the pound until springtime I think!

  1. Jo Pin

    Goodhearted people like you will be blessed more than you deserve. You reminds me of my mom who loved to adopt stray cats and care for them as much as she can as long as they can stay. I won’t be surprised if if by the end of few months you will be attached to the cats.

  2. Jacky Hughes

    They cat conspiracy will get you in the end. If you have to give these two back you will soon be wanting to replace them. Well done for agreeing to foster them. You will find it hard to let go. I never imagined a cat could be fun till mine was forced on me by circumstance.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      Funny how that happens isn’t it. These two cats have already claimed us. My husband has had one in his lap almost constantly and the one that adopted me sits at the base of my computer chair just waiting for me to talk to him….lol

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      I could never say no to someone in need and the two cats are quite lovely. So for the time being, the decision that we were going to make has definitely been put on hold.

  3. Kyla Matton Osborne

    The first cat I ever owned myself was acquired through a similar situation, except the kitten had been a present from a boyfriend who didn’t know the girl had an allergy. We had quite a few good years together 🙂

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      Well this is only supposed to last for a few months. So we will see after that. The gal whose cats we are fostering for now, moved to BC and took her two dogs with her. The airlines would not let her fly with 4 animals……she will be coming back for them probably around Christmas.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      Pets are certainly worth it. We have been pet free for a while now and with the arrival of these two lovelies, we are starting to realize how much we missed our four legged critters.

    2. Rex Trulove

      We actually have fewer pets now than we have in about 20 years; 2 dogs, 6 cats, 2 turtles, 5 toads, 3 ring necked doves and 3 finches. In roughly the past year, we’ve lost 2 cats, 2 dogs and a finch. We did end up with 3 more toads in that amount of time, but one of those dogs was my baby and constant companion for over 11 years. He’s the one in the picture in my article about homemade Bay Con dog biscuits – 2 pounds and 8 inches tall at the shoulder. In that picture, he’s shown next to me in my computer chair, where he preferred to be whenever I was on the computer.

    1. Olivia Morris Post author

      Gina really it’s just me taking in a friends cats for a couple of months. So later on she knows that they have been cared for as well as she would have done herself. You could do that in any country really.

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