Using Picture or Non-picture for Profile

I have seen a lot of profile pictures on different social media sites and other earning sites. Most I have seen use their own personal pictures, some use human pictures not theirs, their family members, grandchildren etc.. And there are also those who cheat and use pictures of models actresses, actors or someone stunningly attractive. Also there are some using pictures pretending to be someone else. I know this is something we can not prevent from happening.  That depends on the person involved, maybe he/she has something to hide or minors pretending to be adults.

There is nothing I can do but just keep quiet. Some of them does not bother me at all. But if I get a friend’s request from someone I do not know and their profile has no picture, an avatar, an innate object or other things, I usually do not accept. I would like to know who or what the person is.

I only mentioned this because when I talked to @iwrite he said that they would request profile pics and not avatars but I guess it was not implemented yet.

I am no beauty queen, or model figure or young but I usually use my personal pictures. I would like the people to know the real me especially on writing sites. It is here where we pour out our feelings, emotions and knowledge to others. I don’t know if I could trust an article written by a person whose profile is unknown especially if the article is about health or wealth.

Not all will agree but this is just my opinion and what I would like. Sorry if I offend some, I don’t mean too. Just my way of thinking.

The picture I posted is mine. Now I would prefer my picture than that of a bat (just example) even if I am no beauty, but at least people will know who I am. :). Sometimes I use pictures with my daughter or mom or with friends.


  1. Shiela Gerona

    I’m also filtering my friend list on Facebook. Sometimes we just need to be careful in adding friends since the online world is not too safe at all.

  2. Daisy Post author

    true because we usually use different usernames but if the picture is the d=same then we can identify the person

  3. artislee

    Some countries/cultures still have concerns with regard to using your own picture. For me, I respect whatever reason others have for their unwillingness to use their own pictures as long as they don’t bring ill will to the site.

  4. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I have written on sites that required a portrait-style profile pic. Out of respect for some people’s need for privacy, those sites accepted a photo of the writer or any photo that could be perceived as a likeness of the author. There are some people who must resort to this option for professional reasons or because their safety could be in peril if they were to use a photo of themselves.

    In this case, it seems to me that writers should be allowed to choose whatever solution works best. Those who are up to no good (e.g. male spammers who pretend to be pretty young women) will show their true colours through their actions on the site, so the photo they choose isn’t all that important.

  5. Pat Z Anthony

    A picture is always nice. Some don’t want to be seen so much. Perhaps they could put a pet or one of their children in front of them? Not sure if that would be okay.

  6. Daisy Post author

    a pet or even anything as long as we can know their gender I hate to write hello sir when it is a female lol

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