Want to Work But Can’t

Want to Work But Can’t

I have not been sleeping well, these last few days. I wanted to get some work done. I have felt like I have not been writing enough lately. I was all set to work when I storm came in. We need the rain; that is for sure. I was on my computer working when all of the sudden everything went black. There was a huge flash of lightening and everything in my house went out. I was not expecting a storm; it just came in out of nowhere. I wanted to work and now I wasn’t going to be able to.

There went my chance of getting any work done. I waited, hoping that the electric would come back on. After a half hour, I know, that it wasn’t going to come back on, right away. I wanted to get some work done but I could not. I hate when that happens. I have all these ideas for articles and the lights go out. I wanted to work but I could not.

Working By Candle Light

No lights mean no work. You would think, I would not work without lights but, I was determined to at least write down my ideas for articles. I got a candle, paper, and a pen. I wrote my ideas down by candlelight. Something, I had not done in a long time. I didn’t want to forget the ideas that I had, so I sat by the candle and wrote everything down. I wasn’t happy about the lights being out but; I did what I had to do. Have you ever had to write by candlelight?

I was so happy this morning when I saw that the electric had come back on. There had been times when we went days without electric. I am sure some of you have gone through something like this. What did you do when the lights went out?


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  1. JoDee Stout

    You are very persistent!! I’ve never written by candlelight, but some times when I can’t sleep or am travelling and have thoughts about a post I write my ideas down on paper.

    1. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp Post author

      Sometimes we do what we have to do. When I am working on my novel, I use pen and paper. Once, I have edited it a few times then I will put it on the computer. But, That is way off.

  2. Grecy Garcia

    I do it too. When ideas came out of me, I put it in writing because it is easy for me to forget it. Right now, since we have a blogging site, I will do it all again.

  3. Andria Perry

    It used to be that way with me till I bought a lap top, the battery last for a long time so I have had to write on it, although I prefer the office and home computer.

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