Was Violence Needed To Get A Pair Of Shorts Back?

Another member of BlogBourne, @andriaperry touched up on Domestic Violence with her post called “Dealing With Domestic Violence”. I want to share the recent violence I am aware of.

The latest, as of yesterday, when my eldest son’s fiance heard about a neighbor had her stolen shorts worth $50.00.

Back story : They all live in an apartment complex where you can do your laundry in the halls. My son and his lady lives upstairs. There is no doorknob to stop anyone from walking in the apartment. The landlord is aware of this. The lady stealing laundry is downstairs. The same lady has a bad life. Besides being hooked on drugs, doing drugs in front of her kids, her husband sells her for sex, and stealing clothes. These two ladies have already been in a fight before.

When the fiance heard the neighbor stole her shorts. She decided to go down to the neighbors apartment and ask for them back. The lady was wearing the stolen shorts denied that the shorts were the fiance. Fiance knew it was pointless to talk to the lady. So, she punched her and a fight started. As she tried to take the shorts off the lady.

Someone in the apartment complex called the cops. The fiance got her shorts back and other clothing the lady downstairs stole. The lady downstairs was charged with theft. The fiance was charged with disorderly conduct.

The fiance did what she thought she had to do to get her property back. As she was told before it was a civil matter when calling the cops before. When she caused violence. The cops were able to intervene and she was able to get her things back.

Was violence really needed to get a pair of shorts back? How would of you of handled things if it happen to you?


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  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    It’s very sad when you hear about situations like this. We had several police cars at our complex just yesterday over a domestic violence report. I’ve got to say, in a little town like this when six cops show up and block the exit to the building, it’s pretty rattling!

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      Yes, it can be. My boyfriend went over as soon as heard. Just in case the fiance went to jail to find about bail. Luckily, it wasn’t needed.

  2. IcyBC

    Same thing happened to my daughter as she also lives in an apartment complex. If she doesn’t stay in the laundry room while her clothes are in the washers, all her under garments were stolen. Luckily, there was no violence because she just let it goes.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I do not understand stealing under garments. I refuse to wear used under garments. That is one thing I must buy brand new to wear.

  3. Vinaya

    Domestic violence is rampant in my part of the world. Recently, a man beat his wife for making too salty dish.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      Oh that is horrible! mistakes are made in cooking all the time. I bet before that he said there wasn’t enough salt.

  4. Andria Perry

    First thing would be to get a new door knob, that locks to keep people out of your apartment. Then I would report these people for all the illegal stuff they are doing. That would stop most of this nonsense. If the laundry is provided by the complex then I would suggest using a marker to write their names on the inside of their laundry.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      They have told their landlord about the doorknob. He has not replaced it. You would think the landlord would be on that knowing they have a toddler living there.

      They both have reported these peopel numerous times. The CPS was called on them for smoking crack in the same room as their 3 week old baby. Til they move there is nothing else they can do.

      They have been doing their laundry at my house. Since, there stuff has came up missing.

  5. Sandy KS Post author

    Okay,I will mention that. Thank you for the advice. I know if my son don’t know how to install one. My boyfriend does.

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