Water for Life And Death Too?

Water is part of nature.  It is anything and everything  that flows. Water is life in a literal explanation to simple people. The science calls it H2O as the basic element in life. To the religious people calls it the basic element of the soul. It interlinks to all aspects of human life whether to social, moral, and spiritual.

It is important for people to recognize the waters of their life. It comes with different names and shapes and texture, even to the taste. But only one presentation. Water is anything that is flowing and giving life. It is believed that water may be giving life but also can take life. Remember, nature’s response for our actions.


The waters of our life, in the beginning, is the amniotic fluid that is present in the womb of our mothers. It is the source of water that nurtures babies for nine months up to birth. It is also the water births that flows from the mother that gives a signal of the arrival of a triumphant baby to the welcoming world. Blood
is also ninety percent water that is flowing in our body that is keeping us alive. Tears is also a type of water that flows that display our emotions and feelings.
In various Religion, Initiation in water is essential for the cleansing of the soul and purifying of the heart. It is the baptism that transforms us from our physical existence to life. It is from our tradition and belief that solemnly follow the undertakings in water, although explained in many psalms, doctrine, and proverbs still remain a mystery to me.
The many forms of water may have taught us to shape our purpose in this world. It is  the human understanding to build the civilization in ancient times by the water.  The streams, the rivers, the lakes, and the ocean. We have to respect these bodies of water. They are  so beautiful, so magnificent , for we know the substance of their existence in our world.
The response of nature for our irresponsible nature is delivered also in forms of water. The typhoon,  the tidal waves, the floods these are the waters that can destroy the lands,  the lives , and livelihood to mankind.
The story of Noah has taught us the wisdom on how water can destroy and cleanse.
Water is life but also the death. LET US BE RESPONSIBLE.


  1. Tania K Cowling

    An interesting article with such truths about water. Thanks for sharing this insight.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    Anything that is taken in excess is dangerous. I remember the literature I have read about the Merchant of Venice. The author or the writer had written: “water, water is everywhere but there is no water”. What does it mean?

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    One of the most responsible things it seems we should do when it comes to water is-be sure everyone has this. Too many are without sufficient water. Some are surprised to learn this is an issue in the United States also…not everyone here has clean water.

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