We Are Dreamers: Are We?

I can’t help but to ask myself when I was young what the heck am I looking at something I never had in my life. I wasn’t paying attention back then, I wasn’t even thinking of anything except I just want to play, eat, sleep, and go to school, just as the same old boring routine the whole year round.

I have no idea what it is, but it’s good, free from any restrain, you are what you are in this world. No more tears, you don’t even know what fear is; you are living to the fullest. Then suddenly you are sucked back to reality when you wake up!

Despite the feeling of what I have seen in a blurry state or clear as the crystal water vision, I don’t see any colors, except they are grey or aged visually. Who cares about it except they are there in the trance that you couldn’t tell if it is real or not but you are sure it’s vivid and lucid!

Blogbourne isn’t a dream blogging site, it’s happening now, we are dreamers of many things in our life, but the difference of being in a dream and BlogBourne is we don’t dream here, we write, we disseminate information, sharing our thoughts, etc. BlogBourne isn’t a place to dream; it’s definitely a place where we write for whatever reason we may have we envision ourselves to further BlogBourne’s future products, performance and services.

We are dreamers, we can’t help it, it’s free, and we can’t deny it. However, let us dream how BlogBourne can be of help to the community by not just compensating our work, but how can we help to make this a quality content blogging site around the globe!


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  1. Grecy Garcia

    I don’t know if my writings are with quality, to be honest, I know it is not but that is what I know to write. I give information, little ones and I am glad for the comments added because it gives my blog post a sense of depth. If my writing will be the cause of down fall of the site, just kick me out, lols.

    1. John Post author

      Grecy, it will take time, don’t worry, it’s not about kicking something… It’s about commitment and dedication…. Don’t get upset…. Just keep on writing.

    2. Andria Perry

      I know you have battles with things and all you have to do is think of one thing you absolutely love to do and write about that, if you don’t want to write what you do now. I read and learned from others ( self taught) it can be in first person, meaning how or what you do but you stay on ne subject. Like my getting off the grid blog, its only about how hard it is or how easy it is to accomplish taking care of the homestead. OR the adventure of a landlady, its only about work and what happens there.

  2. ParkerRose

    That is true. We need to dream big and never give up. Dreaming is how people succeed. We can all make this site great by working together.

  3. grace

    At any writing site earning is the last part. It gives us an opportunity to interact with like minded users, to socialise, to learn and share.

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