We, as a Farmer of People

Farming is not an easy task. My mother married our step father who reside in the city for our sake. Seeing me and my brother who were weakling in the field work, she decided to accept the offer of this retired soldier. They married in 1992 so that we can study in the university. Thanks to our mother because we finish college and we have a good job in the city.

Farming is not an easy task. As a farmer, we prepare the soil, for all ground is  good ground at first but with the repeated farming, the goodness of it diminish. Some farmer put fertilizers. Before planting there are many things a farmer do to make a good harvest.

During harvest time, a farmer hire people to harvest the wheat or the palay. Somebody planted the palay or wheat but some people will harvest it. Seeking souls to salvation is compared to farming.

Like farming, the evangelistic team outreach have different strategies. Before they go to a place, they are looking for soul winning. They project for more people to accept our Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. They used many techniques to prepare the people. It’s not easy to gather people in a Bible Study or crusade.

You know this time, people tend to deny the spiritual offering. But God commission us to reach the lost soul. Life is not all about material things but we need to reach them out and lead to Christ.

Reaching soul is a process: testing the soul,preparing and cultivating the soil, planting, watering, fertilizing, fighting pests, waiting, reaping, and preserving the harvest. That is in farming.

Reaping is one part of the process. In the church, farming process, needs, community needs assessment surveys, demographics, and interviews with community leaders.

As soil preparing/cultivating is meeting the needs of people such as medical assistance, seed planting activities like seminars, Bible studies, Branch Sabbath School or Vacation Bible Schools, small groups like what we are doing in ABc Taguig Church and praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

When we found soul for Christ, we will not leave them but we need to nurture them. Because if we leave them, they are still weak, and with a small things, he or she may come out from what they understand. We should guide them. We can leave them till they become strong in Christ and become a farmer like us.

As a farmer of soul, it needs dedication and commitment to our God. We need prayers and Bible Study and knowledge of the process. We must always remember that sometimes we planted but the seed may not be ready to be harvested but God can send again another person to nurture them.

The message for the farmers like us is: We planted the seed, preach the message and let the Holy Spirit convince the person. Planting the truth to people is the most exciting and challenging part of being a Christian because it measure our commitment and understanding our purpose.

With continuous prayer, dedication and devotion, I think we can make it through the help of the Holy Spirit.


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  1. Cris Bernal Post author

    Thanks Sharon, Indeed we are and if we do it, it gives us the inner happiness. let us continue our work in Christ Jesus, Amen. God bless.

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