We Can Choose On Path In Life If We Choose…

If you’ve read any of my writing you will know that I am a firm believer in you have choices in your life.  Some people will blame their parents for how they grew up.  They blame their parents for how they grew up.  For instance a person might have grown up in an abusive home.  Some might even blame their genetics for the way they live their lives.  An example of this is alcoholism, they say alcoholism is hereditary..ask any alcoholic.


I grew up in an abusive home.  My father would kick us children if we did things wrong.  There was some sexual abuse as well, but I have blocked those memories out.  So when I had children, I knew what it was like to be abused.  My son was doing something and he needed to be punished, at first thought was to kick him, as I was use to being kicked for punishment.  But I realized how that felt when I was being kicked as a child and knew how it felt.  So I made the choice never to kick/hit my children again, because I remembered what it was like when I was growing up!!


I also come from an alcoholic family.  I have a sister and cousin who went through AA and are now sober.  Oh, sure I drink every once and a while, but my life doesn’t nor has it ever revolved around liquor.  I made a choice NOT to become addicted to it.  I know my limits with alcohol.


So, we all have choices to make, but some times it’s easier to blame our problems on some one else.  If you don’t like the way your life is …choice to change it!!



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  1. Pat Z Anthony

    Yes, we can make the choice to do the right things in life. So many whine about how terrible they have had it, then follow the path of the ones they are complaining about. We can live a better life if we choose to have one!

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