Wednesday’s Project So Far: Cleaning Out the Shed

IMG_20160817_102704883Wednesday’s project was to clean the shed and organize the carport out back. I did get the shed cleaned all of the way out, at least. Here is the start of that part of the project.  A lot of that stuff I wanted moved to the carport and the shed floor needed to be cleaned from the ducks being in it. You can see the buckets at the back on a shelf. One of these buckets is the one that had the wasp’s nest in it.

I used those and some smaller buckets that were in the shed to carry all of my small gardening tools and the clay pots out to the carport. It did not take too long after I got the wasps taken care of. Hubby got home just in time to help me with the bench that everything was sitting on. Then I was able to shovel and sweep the shed floor. The inside of the shed now looks like this.






I told hubby that is now his area. All of my stuff is out of it. But he found out his new mower has to stay in the garage. He got a bigger deck on this one and it is too wide to fit through the door.

The following pictures are how the carport looked at the very start of the day.

IMG_20160817_102728110The first one is the right side looking in. It had feed bags and the cheap muskmelons I bought for the chickens. The second one is the right side. Some tools are on the ground and the water trough has a lot of plant containers in it. I got the muskmelons picked up and put into buckets to feed as I went to the chickens. I fed the last of those tonight.IMG_20160817_103327754

Then for starters, I scooted the other stuff to the left side. That cleared that wall out. I set all of the items from the shed on the left side also. Then the bench that hubby helped me move went on the right side. I was then able to start getting items organized on it. I am not completely finished yet but it looks good so far.




All of my pots are stacked neatly on top. I will be setting more there as we go into fall and winter when the plants in them start dying back. The next shelf has my trays that hold the plastic pots that you buy vegetable and flower plants in. Also, some that hold bigger round pots. Then I have my small hand tools sorted out in ice cream tubs to be easy to find.

On the ground are the totes that I have made into baby bird brooders. When I get a few things out of the garage and into the bright blue one it will be set underneath also. At the end of the bench is an old bookcase that I have my egg cartons on along with a few odd animal items like mineral oil and a hoof pick so I can get them fast when I need them. In the very corner is the cat’s food box and the black trash can has the cat food in it. I am very happy with this side and hope to get the left side finished tomorrow.





all photos are mine.


  1. Rex Trulove

    Boy, it sounds like quite a project and a lot of work. I got tired just reading about it. LOL I really should clean out our shed, but I don’t have a car port to worry about. Still, I have been getting rid of wasp nests as I find them.

    1. Eva James Post author

      The worst part was cleaning up the duck mess. But I did wait some time to let it dry out before starting this and that made it a lot easier and not as stinky lol. I had looked for that nest for 3 months.

    1. Eva James Post author

      I hope to get my area finished tomorrow. I had to look to see which cat lol. That is our Calie Girl. Sometimes tame, sometimes not.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    I have nothing to clean or to organize for we don’t have a carport. By the way, it is my wife who does a lot of cleaning inside our house every weekend or late in the evening when everyone is asleep.

    1. Eva James Post author

      Once I get a few things out of the garage it is hubbies to organize. The cats often steal our chairs

    1. Eva James Post author

      I did and more done today. The house is starting to want my attention again now lol

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