Were you sad when you lost all your posts the day Bubblews shut down?

Hey guys!

How many of you were a part of the huge Bubblews family? How many of you were regulars and who earned a great deal from that site?

I did.

I put up a ton of posts, almost 8-10 everyday just so that I could increase my earnings because I did not have a job at that time.

Considering the amount of time and energy that I spent on there I never ever thought that the site would shut down one day, even though there were so many issues and glitches, I always thought Arvind would work his way around it and we would always have bubblews.

Coming back to my topic of discussion, I did write too many posts but did not save even one. Not a single one. And today I sit back and think, If I had saved all those posts, in which I put so much time and energy on, I could have re-done it a bit, taken those thoughts and ideas and put it up on other sites that I am now a part of, even Blogbourne. I feel upset and sad most definitely that I lost over 500 posts, I think close to 800 posts on Bubblews.

What about you?


    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      Somehow I still haven’t learnt my lesson. I think I need to start backing up my stuff first thing tomorrow morning!

  1. Dawn Rae

    I lost my posts also. Although, so many of mine were based current events in the news that I don’t know they’d read well if I posted them elsewhere. I do miss the site very much. I hope this site lives a long and healthy life.

  2. Jennifer Louie

    Oh yeah, i lost Alot of post from bubblews too… I think close to 500 post. I know i earned around 900-$1000 there, the entire time i was blogging, its not just the money, i feel bad that i cant find those blogs anymore where mostly was letters for my future self..

    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      I too earned quite a large amount from Bubblews. It really did help me a lot when I needed the cash. Wish it didnt have to shut down.

  3. Vinaya

    I had 2300 posts on Bubblews. I did not lose any of these. I had saved on my computer. After Bubblews shut down,. I published these posts on other sites.

  4. Suny

    I felt bad for a moment for my 2000+ posts but then I thought I earned almost $4500 from that site even if I lost couple of hundred in the end. part of the game mate! No bad feelings but I lost a good site for sure.

    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      I definitely miss bubblews a lot. Yea I did not get my last two payments but then again I earned quite a bit.

  5. grace

    I do not have backups for any of my countless posts on so many sites. But recently I saved a few from Wikinut and Persona. Persona post are number of characters and those I could use at myLot. Wikinut posts were great and I have used some of them. I could only use them when I deleted my account there. Blogjob posts, even though I have deleted my account they still surface and so I am afraid to use them.
    Bubbles were just 400 characters and so no regrets 😀 I earned a lot there.

    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      I did write some really good inspiring posts on bubblews and I wish i had saved them. but then again I guess we all learn from our mistakes.

  6. Suny

    I am not sure whether my posts were good or bad but I managed $2+ for my posts having 150+ words each which was more than fair.

    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      I didn’t get the chance and for that I am really sad. But I am trying to make up for it and yes, saving all my posts from now.

  7. Gil Camporazo

    Let’s forget Bubblews for it goes off like bubbles. Let’s concentrate with this one, Blogbourne and do our best so that we couldn’t be sorry and sad. Let not the history repeats itself.

  8. ParkerRose

    OH, I still am having withdrawals from the lose of Bubblews. I loved it there and had so much fun. It was so much a part of daily life. It’s sad that I lost all my friends there and I really miss it!!

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