What About If I didn’t Come Back?

Every one of us was too busy to board the ship in going home for our Temple excursion in the capital city of our country was through. My wife and I brought along with us our 4 children to the said excursion for 5 days.

My wife was busy tendering our children in boarding the ship. I was also busy hauling our personal baggage. My wife together with our eldest son, two daughters went ahead from me. The wharf was filled with ship passengers who are in great number. I later joined with my wife and with our children. In a few minutes, I noticed that our youngest daughter wasn’t with us. I remember that she was left at the wharf for I told her not to leave the place. I left a big can of biscuits for her to watch.

I rushed going down and saw her sitting on top of the biscuit can, behaving well. She didn’t leave the place as I had told her not leave. I embraced her and tugged her in going up to the ship’s passengers lounge where my family and children stayed. I never told my wife about it for I know she would get mad at me for being forgetful.


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