What are the actual payment terms on here? I’m still confused.

Yes, I’m still pretty baffled as to what are the payment rules and regulations on this site. I joined today after checking a special post on MyLot regarding this site being just as amazing. So I thought I should check it out. But hey, the FAQ’s do not completely explain how we can request for payment. I mean at what point can we request payment? I am right now on 206 coins, how much more do I have to get to, so that I can go to the market and add a paypal voucher? Does some special button pop up when I reach that certain amount? How do I get the indication that I am ready to cashout?

 As of now I am enjoying reading the posts that my fellow bloggers are sharing and I’m trying to interact and comment as much as I can. But a little clarification from my older buddies on here would make it easier. So if you guys could be ever so kind and let me know a little bit more I would really appreciate it. I know you may get some posts like this each time a newbie joins, or maybe it’s just me?

Please help!



    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      I’m sorry? All I want is clarity on the rules and regulations of the site. I did not ask for payment.

  1. Grecy Garcia

    That is the first thing I tried to find out about the site but I did not find anything. I learned that for a month we will not get paid first as we need to check the revenue of the site. This site is all about transparency and they are learning from what happened to other blog sites before. As John stated, we will be updated on that sissy.

    1. Candice Quigley Post author

      Oh! Thank you so much for that clarity. I was just wanting to know more about this. If it’s worth the wait then I don’t mind at all giving my all on this website. Thanks a ton tho dear 🙂

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